Lessons that national parties can learnt from Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind  Kejriwal  is  most  talked about personality in India today. His party’s charismatic performance in Delhi elections has shocked the political class of the country and has emerged as a ray of hope for common people. His transformation from a key strategic member of Anna movement to a national leader and now chief minister of Delhi is an inspirational tale that is forcing the present ruling class to rethink that they cannot ignore the common people and take them for granted. There are many factors responsible for his transformation:


Ability to fight: He has emerged as a person who has taken fight against the system to a conclusive end, at least in Delhi, by not only contesting but also winning elections. Even after Anna declined to join politics and part ways with him, he moved forward and formed a political party.

Connect with Aam Aadmi: Common people identify with Arvind Kejriwal. He goes and meets them, listens to their   problems and stands and fights for their issues. He is not a leader who moves in cars and helicopters, surrounded by bodyguards and not easily accessible.

Anti corruption crusade: His crusade against corruption has been his biggest achievement. He has spoken against corruption in electricity companies in Delhi, Reliance gas and petroleum, Nitin gadkari investments in fraud companies and Robert Vadra land deals, and exposed all high and mighty and seen as a person who challenges the corrupt.

Power to Aam Aadmi: He has supported the slogan of self-rule for common people of this country. He wants system to be transparent for common people and they should be indulged in all decisions and should be listened while taking decisions. He has selected candidates from masses who have zeal to work for people.


Media communication: Communication with media has been the strength of Arvind Kejriwal and his party. They have communicated all their decisions to common people through media. Media has been biggest tool of his whole process of change. Media too has supported their crusade against corruption. He and his party have also used social media actively.

Understanding and connecting with most common issues: They have connected well with common people through their commitment of affordable common amenities, such as electricity and water. They have promised to cut the rates of electricity in Delhi by 50% and provide free water to all.

Honest and intelligent team: He has chosen a set of honest and intelligent people who have expertise in different fields and knows the system.

Understanding of the system: He understands the system well as he has been a part of the system for years. Being an IRS officer, he knows how the system works. After working with many government departments, he resigned from the post and formed an NGO to serve people.

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