Lindsay Lohan in cocaine scandal

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Her stay in rehabilitation centre has been of little use to actress Lindsay Lohan, for the young starlet has been caught on tape snorting cocaine on a wild night out in the town.

One of Lohan’s pals, who released the video, claimed that the 21-year-old, who snorted 20 lines of cocaine that night, doesn’t care about who sees her doing drugs. Shockingly, the friend also added that the water bottle Lohan carries around to show that she’s sober is just a ruse, for the actress actually refills it with Vodka and soda.

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The video reportedly shows the 21-year-old arriving at 11pm and hanging around the bathrooms before creeping inside a toilet cubicle. Lohan is also reported to have bragged to friends about her sexual exploits with actors Jude Law and Spider-Man star James Franco as she partied at trendy Hollywood nightclub Teddy’s.

Whether or not these allegations are correct it is a sad story indeed. Either a young, talented actress is on the verge if a break down or her image is being unnecessarily attacked and more shameless slander is being permitted to enter the mainstream media. One thing is for sure, the photos revealed from the video are not too telling and one cannot actually identify the person in them as Lohan it wouldn’t seem, but if there is video to back it up and solid proof then Lindsay Lohan or a news publication, one or the other may be in some trouble.


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