Mangalyam gets picked as one of 2014’s best inventions by Time Magazine

The Time Magazine, considered as one of America’s leading weekly news magazine, has released a list of 25 of the best inventions the world saw in the year 2014. Among the many other inventions that grabbed the spotlight is India’s very own Mangalyam, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission. In addition to including Mangalyam in the list, the Times Magazine has also lauded India on its achievement, a feat that has not been achieved by any other country in the world so far.

India Mars Oribter mission

India’s Mars Oribter mission was successful in its very first attempt, and was developed at a budget much smaller than the other similar missions launched by other countries. India’s successful attempt at launching Mangalyam into orbit around the Red Planet happened on September 24, a red letter day that would remain in the minds of Indians for many years to come.

The article by the Times magazine titled ‘Best Inventions Making the World Better, Smarter and — in some cases — a little more fun” carried a list of myriad inventions like edible food wrappers and hover boards as well.

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A quote by the magazine referred to how India managed to reach Mars on the very first try itself, thereby overshadowing other Asian countries and world powers like the U.S., U.K., and Russia.

Another noteworthy fact of Mangalyam is that the entire project was developed with a budget of just $74 million, which is considered less than the budget allotted for the Hollywood space science fiction thriller movie ‘Gravity.’ That India was able to achieve such an astounding feat at such a low cost while not compromising on the on board instruments that measure Martian surface and methane composition and perform other simple tasks, is reason enough for the Mangalyam to feature on the list.


Some of the other big inventions in the list of ’25 Best Inventions’ include the Hemopurifier which is a filter to fight the deadly Ebola virus, a 3D printer, the Lumo Lift, the Hendo Hoverboard which is a high beta fusion reactor and Witricity which focuses on the distribution of wireless electricity.

Other noteworthy mentions also include the Apple Watch, Coolest Cooler, Blackphone, Microsoft Surface Pro3 tablet, Ringly, Pillpack, Copenhagen Wheel, Superbananas, MotionSavvy sign language translator and BMW’s i13.

Completing the list are other influential inventions like Quirky+GE aros, Selfie Stick, Blue Room, 94fifty smart sensor, Wikipearls, electric objects and IAmelemental.


Times Magazine has published a list of 25 of the world’s best inventions of 2014. Among the many other influential inventions is India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan, which features in the list for its successful and low cost first attempt of reaching the red planet.

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