The mayhem that the Turkey coup has caused in the lives of Turkish families

Since 1960, the recent coup that was attempted by the military in Turkey marks the fifth time the department has intervened with the country’s political scene. The coup attempt on July 15 saw the use of tanks, armors, helicopters and warplanes to give a clear message- those that came with the elections, will leave the elections. 161 people were killed, 1440 wounded and 2839 soldiers were detained by July 17th.

How the coup affected the citizens

Bosphorus Bridge has been blocked by army tanks

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When the media started reporting that the Bosphorus Bridge had been blocked by army tanks and soldiers at around 10p.m on July 15, all eyes were fixed on Turkey. Soon reports of clashes between the military and locals began pouring in.

Helicopters opened fire on protestors and even the police at the bridge and strategic points in Ankara and Istanbul. At 11 p.m the Prime Minister BinaliYildirim appeared on television and told the nationals that this was another coup attempt by the military to take over political rule.

Soon the president RecepTayyip Erdogan appealed on live TV, that the nationals take to the streets and bravely save democracy. The public responded courageously, especially in the stress points in Ankara and Istanbul, but things took a turn for the ugly. Soon the parliament was bombed by F-16s and the Chief of General Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff was taken into custody.

Similarly, the commanders of the land, air, and naval forces were taken prisoners by the plotters. The coup attempt cost Turkey the lives of 161 people. 104 coup forces were killed during the attempt and 1440 people were wounded.

Human rights and freedoms

Turkey has seen multiple situations

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In the recent years, Turkey has seen multiple situations of strain, terror attacks, air-raids and spillovers from the neighboring Syrian civil war. With an authoritarian president trying to preserve his power by disregarding civil rights and freedoms, the military stepped in to take control.

This military action is seen typically whenever the government has lost secularism and public support. Soon the military announced that it had taken over full political control of the country in order to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rules of law and the general security that had been damaged during the government’s rule.

Soon the civilians took over the streets and displayed their strong opposition to the military’s coup. The civilians assisted police in arresting coup gangs and protested against the coup, showing their support in the present President. By July 17 the military had surrendered and the coup was a declared a fail.

Violent clashes

A Turkish national flag waves as pro-government demonstrators march over the Bosphorus Bridge, from the Asian to the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

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Gunfire was opened on the streets on protestors and policemen at the Bosphorus Bridge late at night on July 15. It was a devastating site to witness helicopters opening fire on the state police and also killing many civilians that had gathered to protest the coup.

At least 47 civilians were martyred in the coup attempt and many families devastated. 104 plotters were killed when they did not surrender, including an alleged beheading of a military soldier by the public. 41 policemen were killed in this coup, and for the first time ever the country saw the bombing of its Parliament by F-16s. It was a gory couple of days for the Turkish people when politics took a turn for the worse.

The world reacts to Turkey coup attempt

President Obama

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After witnessing a gruesome war for democracy in Turkey, the world leaders have all shared their views and urged that the other political parties backup the democratic system demanding a strong political action. President Obama urged that the parties and public support the democratically chosen government and avoid any more bloodshed.

Iran’s Foreign minister expressed his concerns about the crisis in Turkey;former Turkish President Abdullah Gul praised the public for its brave and mature decision of supporting the government. Many countries like India, Qatar, Slovakia, Europe etc extended support for democracy and requested that there be no more violence.

The recent coup attempt in Turkey failed miserably when the public took control. When the plotters tried to take down the political integrity of the nation by attacking the current government, the President requested his supporters to take matters into their own hands.

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