Most educated politicians in the world

Education is the foundation that ensures the personal growth of a person and determines their professional success in the days to come. Be it business or administrative services, educational qualification is one of the top benchmarks that determine a flourishing career. Even though the educational benchmark is not mandatory for politicians, people expect their leaders to rank high on education matrix. For only qualified leaders can lead and govern a state successfully and provide a safe and secure environment to ensure the overall growth of nation.

Apart from their inherent ability to lead, many leaders have also achieved various educational milestones to prepare themselves for politics and rank among great world leaders. Here we have listed some of the most qualified leaders from across the world.

Mohamed Morsi:

Mohamed Morsi

Image Source : I.Telegraph.Co.Uk

Known as the first head of state elected democratically in the history of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi on June 2012 became the fifth President of the country until July 2013 when the armed forces removed him from the post following the Egyptian protests against his dictatorial policies. The former Egyptian president is widely acclaimed for his educational qualification. Morsi obtained Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Cairo University and went on to complete his Masyer’s degree in metallurgical engineering in 1978 after serving in the chemical warfare unit of the Egyptian Army. Then he moved to the United States where he joined the University of Southern California and obtained PhD in materials science.

Manmohan Singh:

Manmohan Singh

Image Source : HindustanTimes.Com

With the haul of impressive academic credentials, the former Prime Minister of India has made a name as liberal economist not just in the country but also across the world. After early education in India, Manmohan Singh moved to the UK and joined the Oxford University to complete his doctorate in economics. Apart from heading several economic posts, including the planning commission, in Indian Government, he has also been a part of the United Nations from 1966 to 1969.

Angela Merkel:

Angela Merkel

Image Source : Fm.Cnbc.Com

Acknowledged as “the de facto leader of the European Union,” the German Chancellor is also known as one of the highly educated leaders of the world. Winning various awards for Russian and math, the Christian Democratic Union party representative joined the Leipzig University where she remained for five years to study physics and receive a doctorate degree for her thesis on quantum chemistry.

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama

Image Source : Images.Indianexpress.Com

Ranked among the most educated politician across the world, the first African American President of the US completed his graduation from the University of Columbia. Afterwards he went to the Harvard Law School to complete his law and worked in Chicago Law School as well.

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