We all have a devil within us

We all go through difficulties in our lives. Whether in childhood, in adolescence, or in adult life, or in old age. Living is a permanent state of trying to balance the good with the bad things.

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This thesis is confirmed by Manga (and anime) Naruto. Naruto is the protagonist of the story of the same name: he is a hyperactive boy who always wants to draw the attention of others through the things he does. And what he does is a training to become a ninja so that some day he may become the Hokage (military leader) of his country.

But Naruto is not just another Manga/anime, it’s much more than that. There is a motivating element in this story. Despised by everyone since his early childhood, as a demon was sealed within his body by his father (who was the most loved military leader of the country), always faced problems: was ignored, humiliated, disrespected, feared and avoided. He had an unhappy childhood, which could do so to become one of the “bad guys” later.

However, he chooses the contrary, wants to be recognized by his qualities and fight for it. And in this process, makes friends who have had a past as tortuous as him:

— Sazuke: his best friend until a given time, had the entire family murdered by his older brother;

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— Neji: an opponent who has just become his friend, grew orphan because his father had to sacrifice himself so that the clan couldn’t cause problems for the country;

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— Gaara: a boy who was a terrible opponent who also has a Tailed beast (demon), is a real killing machine. His mother died during his birth and his father tries to murdering him later. Gaara of the Desert, as he is known, had a bad childhood, but then, when meets Naruto, realizes that only through friendship that could overcome the bitterness he felt until then. Ends becoming Naruto’s friend and the leader of his country.

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— Tsunade: current leader of Konoha (where Naruto lives), lost her brother and her bridegroom in wars. That has made her to become addicted to games and alcohol. But, as well as Gaara, after knowing Naruto, became impressed by the determination of the boy and took the military leadership of her country, because she is the strongest ninja.

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There are many other examples I could cite, but the list of characters is too long. What matters is that this manga/anime can be used as a motivating force for the younger, which pass through many family problems. Trying to pass to them that only through hope and with great force of will we can change our lifes, becoming someone decent and respected by society.

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