Nationwide shortages in US leaving Infants without nutrients they need to survive

Preterm infants and many other patients in the United States are struggling hard to survive as the entire nation is experiencing a severe crisis of essential nutrients, says a report.

From the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) to general Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of various small to large hospitals are running out of critical nutritional elements like selenium, potassium phosphate, chromium, copper, etc., and this nationwide shortage is making it hard for patients to live on.

The Scenario

These days, the number of death due to the vitamin, mineral and other nutrient deficiency has been rising considerably in the United States. According to the latest report, almost 300 types of medications, vitamins and different trace elements have become scarce in the hospitals around the country. The figure is the highest one recorded till date, and it is placing the first world nation in the same line with other developing countries.


Though the scarcity of highly necessary micronutrients is affecting patients of all categories to a great extent, premature babies are hit hardest by it. Even the eminent hospitals are also finding it challenging to provide sufficient amount of calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium phosphate, potassium acetate, protein, lipids (fat), vitamin A, multivitamins, etc. to the neonates who are suffering from complications caused by premature birth.

The Reason

As per the experts, there are more than a few reasons lying behind this public health-crisis. Firstly, the production of the required drugs and nutrients is not enough to meet the ever increasing demand of the hospitals and pharmacies. Secondly, companies manufacturing low-profit medicines are not being offered good incentives. As a result, they are losing interest in it. Thirdly, the government is delaying to take proper action to fight against the mind-boggling issue even after the deaths of thousands of patients around the nation.


The End Result

As said previously, the U.S. Government is highly responsible for letting the situation become so ominous. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already started a procedure for reforming the foreign assessments and documentations in order to help laboratories come up with emergency supplies on short notice.

It was a hard time for the FDA to find out deserving manufacturers who can satisfy the requirements of the United States and ramp up for the nation. But the agency has finally got a number of companies to do this for minerals like chromium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus as well as various trace elements. The shipment of the imported supplies is going to start soon.

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