Need for Narendra Modi to change power strategy to get things done

In May 2014, the Narendra Modi led BJP won a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections amidst great expectations from Indians around the globe. However, two months down the lane and the BJP led NDA government has shown no signs of the promise it had displayed in the elections. Rather, it has displayed only political weakness.

 Bharatiya Janata Party

While this initial bumbling can be considered rational, what one doesn’t understand is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi fails to comprehend the rising opposition against him in the Lower and Upper Houses. The BJP would have known way back that this is what it would expect if it were to come to power. As such, Modi would have to buckle up and start tackling issues before it is too late. In other words, he would need to start yielding his power if he wants the BJP do more than become just another UPA government that had little to show for its mandate at the end of its five-year term.

It is a known fact that in a country like India, using your power is as important as possessing it. If not, others around you would neutralize it soon. We have seen many examples of this in the past to let it pass by as a negligible concern. The more recent ones include Congress supporting the AAP to keep BJP from winning, and then Congress and the BJP joining hands to oppose AAP’s Jan Lokpal Bill.

Modi can expect opposition for the BJP to grow in the coming months as well. The Congress and Trinamool would probably join hands in West Bengal and with the SP or BSP in UP to defeat BJP. Down South, the BJP can expect to get some support from J. Jayalalitha, but not without returning the favor with something even bigger in return. The BJP would noteven be able to get the support of the Shiv Sena, LJP and TDP in the future.

 UPSC row issue

All these developments indicate only one thing. Modi would need to get things done in a hurry before the opposition grows big enough to scuttle his plans. He would need to project his power if he wants to maintain his mandate’s momentum. He should not give way for issues like the UPSC row and the insurance bill to rise in the Parliament. One way in which he can achieve this is by passing legislations pertaining to food security, insurance and land acquisition, etc. via joint sessions in the parliament comprising of both houses. Anything other than that will do no good for the BJP at this point of time.

The Modi led BJP government has started losing its steam within three months of being elected to form the government. With its power strategy heading in the wrong direction, the BJP would need to buckle up, use its power and get some major legislative changes done quickly, if it wishes to continue the momentum of its five-year mandate.

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