What you need to know about HizbulMujahideen commander Burhan Wani

Tensions escalated as an indefinite curfew was imposed in several areas of Kashmir following the protests that erupted after wanted terrorist and HizbulMujahideen commander Burhan Waniwas killed in an encounter with government forces on Friday. Considered to be the terrorist group’s poster boy, the 22-year old Wani is said to have redefined militancy in the state and is considered an icon among the militants in the region.

Severe backlash in the state

Burhan Wani

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While government forces are jubilant about the killing of Wani, the peace of Kashmir has been disturbed once again as hundreds took to the streets to mourn and protest the incident. Escalating tensions have led to unrest in the state, with hundreds injured, and several dead.

Continuous dispute for over 85 Years

85 years down the lane, and Kashmir is still fighting for its rights amidst growing disputes between India and Pakistan to claim the piece of land for themselves. Although very much a part of India, Kashmir continues to remain in problems with no solution in sight.

Burhan Wani – An aspiring doctor turned militant

22-year-oldWanigrew up in the Sharifabad area of South Kashmir.Waniwas a brilliant student and aspired to become a doctor one day. In 2010 he ran away from home to join the militant group, only to become its commander, and one of the most wanted terrorists in the valley.

Unlike his predecessors, Wani used his brains to connect with the people of the valley. Wani used social media to actively post pictures and videos of himself as well as his group’s mission. He did not refrain from asking Kashmiri youth to take up arms as well. In spite of the government trying to block his pages, he always found a way to spring back up with new accounts and new names.

Conspiracies arise following death of Wani

HizbulMujahideen commander Burhan Wani

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The death of Burhan Wani has led to many people in the valley protesting the killing while several groups have called for strikes for the next couple of days.

Many Kashmiris however, have revealed that they had believed Wani to be an Indian agent until they witnesses the massive outpouring of mourning, grief and protests in his favor. Many in fact say that they had thought of Wani to be someone who had been established by the Indian government to falsely propagate the role of ISIS in the state’s increasing militancy opposition.

Many government officials themselves believe that Burhan Wani was a by-product of Pakistani militancy and had cleverly used the Indian government as a pawn to attain an iconic status in Kashmir.

Could more Burhan Wanis follow suit?

Others like Burhan’s father, a retired school principal, feel that more light needs to be shed on the root cause for why more youngsters like Burhan are resorting to arms in the valley. He feels that unless the “torture and humiliation” faced by the Kashmiri youth are not brought to light, there will be more Burhans fighting.

The killing of terrorist Burhan Wani has led to outrage in the Kashmir valley with hundreds taking to the streets in mourning and protests.

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