Netflix Wants FCC on Their Side against Data Caps

Though one might be on an unlimited data plan the pain of data caps is always there. The mere thought of your unlimited data plans being throttled, once you cross a certain limit can be frustrating. Therefore Netflix has always advocated the thought of banning data caps.

What are data caps and how they affect connectivity?

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ISPs and mobile service providers put a capping or a certain limitation on the usage of data per month. This is data caps. Some users may find that their internet speed becomes slow after they have exceeded certain GB of data. In certain cases you may be charged for the excess data that you use. In some cases it is found that the internet just stops.

What stand has Netflix taken on data caps?

Netflix Inc provides online video on demand, streaming media etc. Netflix finds data caps annoying. They want data caps to be illegal. According to Netflix, consumers should be able to stream plenty of shows on television at their homes as well as on their mobiles. Netflix believes low data caps and charging customers based on usage will discourage users to consume more broadband.

Some mobile service providers have stated that capping helps ease down congestion. Netflix feels that this capping is not an effective way of dealing with the congestion.Several analysts feel that data caps are actually a way of making more money by the service providers rather than easing congestion. According to Netflix, data caps and usage based pricing only increases the cost of the connection for the consumers.

What does Netflix expect FCC to do about data caps?

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Netflix wants FCC to be with them and stand against data caps. The company has requested the US Federal Communications Commission or the FCC to declare that data caps are illegal. Netflix feels that FCC should ban data caps for home internet users. It also wants the FCC to take a firm stand on zero rating.

Zero rating is basically a practice followed by some phone companies in which consumers are allowed to watch certain shows free of data charges. Netflix has put forth its thoughts just when the FCC is preparing to submit a report to Congress on the state of broadband access in the country. In order to prove the inconsistency of broadband caps Netflix has pointed out that a part of the Telecommunications act states that internet access has to be set up for all Americans in a reasonable and timely manner.

Since internet television is becoming more and more popular such data caps should be discouraged. Netflix has also been very verbal regarding its stand on zero rating. The company feels that zero rating is a technically illegal thing. Zero rating violates the FCC’s net neutrality rules.Net neutrality does not allow internet providers to give more importance or special treatment to certain content over other content.

What is FCC’s approach?

The Netflix filing has come just when the 2017 Broadband Access report is being prepared by the FCC for the Congress. Current FCC is just reviewing the situation. But looks like things are going to get tough for the companies in the years to come. The commission’s assessment will mainly depend on communication and speed. But Netflix wants even data caps to be considered.

According to Netflix, data caps are just a way of making more money and there are hardly any viable reasons for this practice. Therefore they are continuously trying that the FCC stands with them and makes the annoying data caps illegal.

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