Now you can access HBO Go in Australia

That’s right mate! Despite the restrictions that HBO has imposed, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series from HBO Go in the land of the Kangaroos.

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The official site of HBO Go has all the gold, we mean to say original series, documentaries, sports, adult features, comedy and more. If you lived in the US and were an HBO subscriber, you had the access to all their programs. Outside the US, HBO Go cannot be accessed as per the rules of this Timer Warner subsidiary.

Unless you get smarter than them! We will tell you a simple way to get smarter. Now watch HBO Australia with smartdnsproxy .

To access HBO Go on your PC, laptop, smart TV or mobile device you got to full fill two conditions a) you are an HBO subscriber, b) you are a resident of any of the fifty states of the US. Whenever anyone from outside the US tries to access HBO Go, they are detected through their IP address and barred. These restrictions are imposed because of the broadcasting rights and laws of the land. The content on HBO Go is cleared for watching in the US.


Image Source : Hbobinge.Com

The Smart DNS Proxy service will help you watch the content from HBO Go, as they have servers in all corners of the planet, which included the US. Their servers in the US will be re-routing the location verification by HBO, giving you access to the content.

If you are in Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand or any other country watching the HBO Go content is now easier than you thought. It’s pure fun to watch the restricted content sitting thousands of miles away from the US. We feel it is like getting your hands on a treasure.

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