Snacks masking ‘junk’ under ‘organic’ labels

organic snacks 7Organic vegetables and meats are not the only ones that appeal the consumers, but even junk snacks labeled as ‘organic’ are reported to have appealed the American eating trends. Facts provided claim that the sales of organic snacks has reached $677 million, weighing heavier on the pockets of the health-conscious buyers. Contrary to the claims, the revelation for organic snacks is that they might be a percentage low in fats and sodium.

Facts from provides that the substitution of artificial flavors with the natural flavors keeping fats and sodium constant is what makes the organic snacks sell at premium prices. The masking of guilt attached to junk snacks with the label organic does not affect the nutritional system of consumers in any ways, except for fooling them on the factor that they can have their favorite snacks without any indulgence.

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