Overseas Expansion Plans of JustDial and Business Growth in Indian Market

Initially the business model JustDial followed comprised local listings and searches, which was a success. The company then expanded into e-commerce and food ordering and now few days ago they have announced their plans of business expansion in overseas markets, such as UAE and the UK, in the coming months. Apart from these two countries, the company also plans to explore some of the other Southeast Asian markets.

 Operations in US and Canada

Operations in US and Canada

JustDial is also working to get the operations of its Canada and US branches into its direct control since the deal it had with licensee terminated recently. The US website already gets about 90,000 visitors every month but their main aim will be to increase the number of business listings on their website. Mobile apps will be the main medium of their expansion in the international markets in the initial stages with further advancements over the coming years.

 Search Plus Service_1

Improvements in Search Plus Service

Its operations in the local market are also expanding with implementation of new features such as Search Plus, which can be used for booking tables in restaurant, set up appointment with a doctor, book tickets for bus and call taxi, with twenty services on offer in this feature.

Some of the other services that are planned to be included are hotel as well as booking tickets for a movie. The company has also increased its tie-ups to 140,000 vendors for a variety of services it provides using Search Plus and this number is a considerably significant rise from last December’s figure of 85,000.

 justdial's Growth in the Last Quarter

Growth in the Last Quarter

The company is on a growth path with listing increasing by as much as 48% in the last quarter and revenue from paid campaigns going up by another 26%. In addition to it, operating revenue is up by another 29%, and new profit has moved up by about twenty-eight crore in the last quarter.

It is worth mentioning here that JustDial recently replaced Google’s mapping service with its own called JD Maps to provide direction information to its users. The cartography has been sourced from OpenStreetMaps and business addresses have been geo-coded on the maps. It is seen as a good move before expansion into international markets to pull its data out of the search engine giant.

Thus as we can see, JustDial is growing quite rapidly in the last couple of months and can easily succeed in international market with its innovative business plan which has been successful in India.

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