Paris Hilton Parties Without Underwear

The ruling queen of the celeb brigade famous for being famous, Paris Hilton turned 33 on 17th Feb 2014. To ring in this occasion the socialite had thrown a party on? 15th Feb? at Grey stone Manor in Hollywood. But the main shocker? of the party came from the host? itself. ?Paris made a bold appearance in an Alon Livne pink gown with a dangerously high slit at the thigh. Giving the underwear a miss, Paris opted to provide a full coverage of her toned thigh and much more.


The Pink gown showcased by Livne had been a runaway favorite with Paris from the moment she laid her eyes on it? in New York Fashion Week and had instantly decided to make it her birthday dress. But what Paris needs to know is what looks super sexy on runaway might look vulgar in reality. However, the controversy queen who had earlier been in the news for the sex tapes, which allegedly she herself had leaked never, tries to play it safe.

Forever in a denial mode when it comes to admitting whether she had leaked those tapes , she claims she? has not made even a single penny out of it. But reports suggest otherwise.


Self?accoladed singer and DJ ,Paris entertained her guests by singing for them. Later she commented that her audiences were highly impressed. The question is what must have impressed the audience more- her questionable singing abilities or the statement she made in the thigh?high slitted pink gown?

One thing is for sure there?s no stopping this sexy siren since her Instagram? profile clearly? indicated she had no qualms in admitting that she knew her dress was too revealing yet she loved the dress and does not give a damn what the paparazzi might comment .

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