Playboy- Top Stars who Have Posed for the Adult Mag

Playboy- the very name evokes images of sensual celebrities baring their erotic self to pose for the front cover of the adult magazine and endow young guys with enormous pleasure in getting peeks into what lies inside. Since its launch back in 1953, Playboy has tried to rope in leading celebs to beautify the cover page, although it staved off from portraying nude stars for the first two or three decades, Marilyn Monroe was the first celebrity superstar who appeared on the mag cover although she had not personally gone for posing for the same.

However, it was only during the 1980s that Playboy embarked on grabbing the magazine market by bringing in nude celebrity artists to click for its cover page. And since then there has been no looking back.


Charlize Theron: She was barely in her 20s when she shot for the cover page of Playboy. Charlize had by that time won several accolades for her supporting role in the movie Devil’s Advocate, although the Oscar tag was still missing from her celeb tag. However, the actress later remarked that she had not posed topless for the mag and the pics were not for publishing purposes.


Sally Field: Academy Award Winner Sally Field chose to don a bunny babydoll dress to pose for Playboy in the year 1986. When asked why the actress felt baffled about posing for Playboy, the witty Field answered that Ladies’ Home Journal magazines do not require her to pose as a whore or a sensual pole dancer. However, she was happy being a woman since there was so many attires to experiment with unlike men. I don’t get to dress up like a hooker for Ladies’ Home Journal, [Laughs] Or whatever you guys think up for me, though there’s nothing wrong with hookers or dressing up like one. That’s the fun thing about being a woman-dress-up. What’s a guy going to dress up as? A fireman? A cowboy?”


Mariah Carey: The hot pop star Mariah Carey became Playboy’s Sexiest Comeback in 2007 donning a golden teddy style attire spruced with accessories that perfectly complimented her tan body.’


Helena Christensen: Guys may have been looking forward to this 38 year old supermodel posing nude for the magazine. But Helena will go for a tamer theme wearing a trousseau of the70s and planning it up with Paulo Reversi, the ace photographer to lend the special effects to her photo.

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