Diversity in India-Unifying or Dividing, a Look

India is a country of diversity without any element of doubt about it. Much have been talked and discussed about multi-cultural, multi ethnic and multi-language issues and the very popular ‘Unity in Diversity’. However, seldom the issue of multi-history..

Saudi Arabia and USA judiciaries: Are they similar?

# USA: A person who uploaded copyrighted movie on a BitTorent site, EliteTorrents in 2005 is facing the prospect of 10 years in prison coupled with a $500,000 fine. (link)
# Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia to Punish Survivor of Gang Rape(6 armed men) with…

Can India become a superpower?

Yes # The fastest growing economy in the world.
Recently conducted study by the renowned Economist Intelligence Unit comcludes that by 2020
# World consumer spending in India is set to grow from 1.9% in 2005 to 3.1%.
# India will contribute as much…

Status of Democracy in India

India is a mosaic of culture, religion, tradition. It’s a country of billion people. Liberal democracy is the answer to its problem.

Our doom was predicted.Democracy was a luxury India can’t afford.
The fire of separatism was bound to destroy the…

Globalization in Indian society and media

Globalization is interconnection of people, things beyond nations. 5 aspects of globalization are finance capital, commodities, technology, information, labor. It is considered a natural process, sometimes its considered conspiracy of few nations and…

Social Networking Websites- A Boon or a Curse??

There goes the story of the two long separated brothers- brothers who got separated in a festival. After that, a huge saga follows, telling their story trying to find each other. They get old and in their deathbeds, they suddenly realize that they have…

Democracy survives in India amidst turmoil

It’s been 60 years since India became free from the clutches of colonial rule of Great Britain. Many doubted its survival at that time. But, today they salute the India of today that is a shinning example of development, democracy and virtue.


Mass exodus of non-Kashmiris from Kashmir

Non-Kashmiris are again in the line of danger in the state, suffering from terrorism for long. Mass exodus of non-Kashmiris from the state recently points to the risk to their lives.

Non-Kashmiris are not safe in Jammu and Kashmir, thanks to the..

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