Popular celebrities with lesser known celebrity tattoos

Who doesn’t like to follow fashion trends? Most of the fashion trends become popular due to the celebrities who flaunt and sport them. It is often our admiration for the star that makes us follow their style.

Tattooing is hip and this is one of the popular trends. Some celebrities are quite upfront about their tattoos and you already know the details about each of them. But there are also celebrities who don’t have a punk-kid image yet have several tattoos that most people do not know exist. Check the list for details.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez  tattoo on her hip

Image Source : FanDaily.Info

This good-kid, chic pop-star has got a tattoo on her hip. She also has 76 tattooed in Roman numeral LXXVI on the back of her neck. According to speculators, her mother’s birth year is 1976 and this tattoo is an ode to her. The Arabic tattoo on her back says ‘love yourself first’.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts  tattoos

Image Source : Fimho.Com

Tattoos and Julia Roberts doesn’t seem to be a likely pair, but it is true that she does have tattoos. She admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she has tattoos of the initials of her husband and three kids on her body. This makes us speculate if she has more secret tattoos or not.

Les Michele

Les Michele

Image Source : TheFablife.Com

Les Michele keeps posting her bikini-clad photos in social media sites but still most people have probably failed to spot that she has 14 tattoos on her body. She herself acknowledged having music notes tattooed. She also has some inspirational quotes inked. The best thing about her tattoos is that she has placed them strategically so that they don’t hog the camera.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff  tattoo

Image Source : Media1.Popsugar-Assets.Com

Her image is that of the girl-next door who likes to play with her pets and kids but Hillary Duff to has some surprising tattoos. She has got 15 tattoos and counting all over her body. The discrete tattoos do not scream for attention yet they are intriguing.

Scarlett Johansson

 tattoo on her rib cage

Image Source : I2.Cdnds.Net

The beautiful darling of Hollywood also has got some discrete tattoos. The tattoo on her rib cage reads ‘Lucky you’. She has a sunrise tattoo on her forearm and a charm bracelet tattoo on the wrist.

Not all celebrities like publicizing about their tattoos. Some of them have more secret tattoos than the fans could ever imagine.

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