Rising hate speech in Japan and diminishing ties with Seoul

As the territorial issues have been increasing hate speech and speeding up tensions between Tokyo and Seoul rapidly, the elucidations of wartime history are getting inconsistent. Hence, the ties between Japan and South Korea have diminished gradually.

Anti-Korean sentiment is firing up

According to the colonial rule enforced in the period of 1910 to 1945 by the Korean Peninsula, around 8 lacs Korean labors were sent to Japan. There are more or less 6 lacs Koreans living throughout the country now.

Though anti-Korean sentiment is not a new one in Japan, it never came up as a burning problem. However, this time, it is firing up in such a way that parks, restaurants and other public places are also turning into the settings for revolting conflicts between the huge ethnic Korean community and the comparatively lesser number of highly conservative Japanese activists.


Rise of Hate Speech

The protests of Japanese campaigners, which are going violent with each passing day, have resulted into a countrywide debate over whether common people should respond to the rise of hate speech or not and how the protest should be conducted.

They are coming up with different political rallies as well as several anti-Korean demonstrations throughout the city of Tokyo. All these are being arranged by a well-ordered group of activists named Zaitokukai, which has been fighting against the rights provided to the ethnic Koreans residing in Japan.

The worst part about these campaigns is various noxious slogans towards like ‘Koreans must die’, ‘Kill all Koreans’, and many more. However, Makoto Sakurai, the chairman of the group Zaitokukai, has recently been detained along with seven other protestors during a confrontation.


Involvement of Japanese administration

The present situation in Japan is not only taking a toll on the regular lifestyle of people, but it is also making the administration worried. The notorious outbursts at different parts of the country are surpassing all boundaries. Some of those have been broadly reported and broadcasted in South Korea, especially in Seoul. As the situation is getting worse, the Government of Japan has also got engaged in the issue.

Shinzo Abe, the honorable Prime Minister of Japan, has said the rising hate speech about Koreans in various regions of the country has brought a shame to the entire nation. These activities against a particular race or place are certainly regrettable, he commented.

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