Safeguard: Applebee International says ‘no’ to trans fat frying oil

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The Applebee’s International has decided to stop the use of fat frying oil at its 1,800 domestic restaurants. The restaurant-chain operator disclosed this on May 17. Applebee’s chains are one of the largest operators for casual dining with its eateries primarily being freestanding units that operate not only in the US but also in some 20 other countries.

The company’s chief executive officer Dave Goebel said:

After extensive testing with our guests, we found that our foods cooked in zero trans fat oil still have the great taste that guests expect from Applebee. In some cases, the oil even enhances the flavour of the menu item.

Applebee’s International started to look for oil replacement about three years ago and now it uses a blend of two soybean oils, which it claims do not compromise with the taste, texture or for that matter even quality of cuisine.

Trans fat is manufactured when hydrogen is added to liquid cooking oils to make them hard for baking or to give a long shelf life. This method was developed in 1900 and was commercialized as Crisco in 1911.

Consuming trans fat increases risk of coronary heart diseases, diabetes and other ailments. Some states in US, including New York City and Philadelphia, are seriously contemplating a complete ban on the use of trans fats.

Source: abcnews

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