Selena Gomez Opens Up About Rehab-Quick Decisions Leading Celebs Into Issues?

Rehab seems to be a regular thing with many of the stars in Hollywood. In Hollywood when the word rehab comes up, a whole list of names also come up- just about every one you can think of has had their brush with the law,  DUI’s, drugs and perhaps all three together. So who are the newbies on this list?


The last fresh face to join this club was Justin Beiber. He apparently got arrested for drag racing and DUI. Post-arrest, he actually began peeing in the holding cell!

Another name that is new on this list is Selena Gomez. This is somewhat strange as she always seemed like one person who stayed on track. It seems that reports have leaked about her secret rehab stint in the media, where she spent some time recovering some time last month.

Initially she was not eager to talk about this for reasons known only to her. She opened up about this part of her life only recently through Instagram where she had thanked fans for their support and went on to put in a few words about her stint.


Others who had their own struggles surrounded Gomez herself. These names include BFF Demi Lovato with her cocaine problems and then boyfriend, Beiber whose issues have come into light just recently. Her rehab visit did not however, involve drugs or alcohol and is also seems that her good will is being repaid as many in the industry have come forward to support her including Lovato, Justin Beiber and Joe Jonas.


According to a leading site, she was in rehab for Ambien and marijuana, but her representative had rubbished the claims saying that she spent time there voluntarily and was not there for any kind of substance abuse. She had stayed only fourteen days in the Meadows center for recovery after she cancelled the Australian leg of her tour.

It is still unclear why she was there in the first place. In her public statement she had thanked fans for their unconditional love and cyber hugs. She had mentioned that it was clear to her that she wanted to spent some time on herself so that she be the person that she was expected to be.

Therefore, if the news is true, then it would seem like Gomez has steered clear out of trouble and went there to give her support to those who may need it. Celebs are nothing short of being victims of hasty decisions. They probably let their life wind up around scandals and gossip. This thought makes us ponder is celebs are indeed worth emulating?

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