Should performance-enhancing drugs be legalized in sports?

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Doping has become a major headache in the sports world with more athletes, giving caution to wind, are getting involved in scandals that rock the very foundations of their respective sports.

A look back at all the major doping scandals in the last year alone means that the Chinese authorities will have their hands full when they host the 2008 Olympic Games.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) have made their intention clear that 2008 games will see unprecedented 4,500 drug tests which will outclass the 3500 tests conducted during Athens in 2004. The story doesn’t ends here as athletes are coming up with new ideas, such as Gene-doping, which is not that easy to crack.
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WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency’s website says that aim of this agency is to work towards a world that values and fosters doping free sport.

The words like fair play, honesty integrity and sportsmanship are now things that are best said in lectures and speeches but never shown on the field and in the game.

Doping or cheating in sports has a rich and vivid history starting from 8th century Greeks who used to eat various substances in order to improve performance to the latest of Floyd Landis. The cheats are now getting smarter at present and with the help of technology finding new ways that hide performance enhancing substances.

We’ve literally failed to curb the menace, so, should we legalize them?

What’s wrong with it, when sportsmen are allowed to take special nutritious, healthy diet coupled with energy drinks and what not, then why not performance-enhancing drugs? What do you say?

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