Teen parent celebs who turned their life around

People-having babies at an early age are no big deal, but teen mothers are rarely on their way to becoming celebrities. Celebs are quite open about their relationships whether it is before marriage or after. Being in a relationship is no big issue, but when a teen becomes a parent, it becomes quite hard to digest. Parenting in itself is a tough task. As difficult as it is to face the challenges of parenting, it becomes tougher when it comes to teenage parenting.

Parenting at teenage can be quite tough as it brings many challenges. Serious health problems, financial issues, and depression are common issues that one faces while teenage parenting. Some people have braved the odds, and become celebrities despite the demanding life of teen parents.

A few celebs those are famous for becoming parents when they were teens are:

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Being a Colombian- American actor, Sofia has appeared in many films and TV shows and has won several awards. Sofia has always been open about her personal life. She got married to her high school boyfriend when she was 18 and gave birth to son Manolo at 19. No doubt, it was very early to be a mother, but she managed to cope with challenges of motherhood. She says that it was not that tough to be a mother. In fact, she loved it that she became mother at an early age because that is the time to learn new things in life. However, her relationship with her boyfriend did not last long and she divorced him the year after giving birth to Manolo.

Lebron James

Lebron James

The famous American basketball player is popular all around the world for his skills in the game. Besides being famous for the game, he is also famous for being teen dad, becoming a father at the age of 19. Lebron’s son is 10 years old is also ready to dazzle the court with his basketball skills.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

This multi talented person is also famous for becoming parent at the age of 16, besides being a singer, rapper, entrepreneur, and songwriter. Lil did not even have a driving license when he became father of a girl child named Reginae Carter.

Jamie Lynn Spears


Jamie, younger sister of Britney is famous for becoming pregnant with Casey Aldridge at the age of 16. Jamie was so horrified by the news that she refused to go to doctor for birth control pills. The news was not welcoming for her, as she was hosting a children’s show that time. On the peak of her career, becoming a mother could be troublesome.


A celeb teen becoming parent is not a new phenomenon. Many celebs have been following this trend from years. Teenage parenting is tough but these celebs have played their roles in real lives well and enjoying being a teenage parent.

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