The Biggest Fish Fry Event in the World

fish in fryThe 2006 World’s biggest Fish Fry will take place from April 24th-26th in the Paris-Henry County at Tennessee. This Fish Fry event has a history of its own and the records show the inherent tradition of Fish fry, which has grown with the years. As said earlier, Fish Fry has grown with a tradition, since 1938 with what is reported by the historians as the “Mule Day” or the day when the farmers came to town on the first Sunday of the month of April to trade their mules. Records say that the Chamber of Commerce replaced the Mule Day with the Fish Fry event in 1938, which was held in Barton Field for one night and one day, but as the fish was not from Kentucky Lane it was a failure. In 1961 this event was taken up by the Paris-Henry County Jaycees and World’s Biggest Fish Fry Event took place in Robert E. “Bobby” Cox Memorial Fish Tent with1600 pounds of catfish to over 5 tons of catfish.

The Fish Fry event takes in the same fish tent every year and involves one of the five beauty pageants, eating fish dinners, small fry parade, attending the rodeo or entering the grand parade, carnival and much more. This year the event features softball tournament, carnival, street and country dance, art shows, catfish race, parades and fishing rodeo. The event improves every year being unbeatable every time.

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