The most talked about celebrity selfies of all time

The selfie craze is in an all time high with everybody even the president of USA indulging in this fad trend. The thing is that everybody these days have got one or more smart phones. Every smart phone comes with good quality cameras. As a result everybody is taking their own pictures.

People around us are not always ready to oblige by taking our snaps with our phone. Selfies give us the opportunity to show off new clothes, makeup, dress-up, and where all we have been. Celebrities who always get clicked by the paparazzi are also not free from this vice. In the following you will find some of the most talked about selfies of celebs from the recent past.

Nude selfies of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Image Source : FashionnStyle.Com

Nobody is a big fan of Miley Cyrus’s histrionics and eccentricities. Her nude selfies also did not go down well with the public though they were widely circulated. Her Instagram profile is full of almost naked pictures. In one of them she posed naked and later added two chicken leg emoticons to hide her puny breasts. She is also sporting weird tooth. It makes her look quite like a young boy.

The tattoed bottom of Cheryl Cole

The tattoed bottom of Cheryl Cole

Image Source : Mirror.Co.Uk

Cheryl Cole has a good body and her buttocks are covered with big rose tattoos. The tattoo is really huge and covers her lower back as well. In the selfie click Cheryl’s pink panty and rose tattoo is on full display. No wonder it got shared all over the internet and received thousands of likes as well as comments.

Nicki Minaj


Image Source : IamSuperGorge.Com

The queen of gimmicks, Nicki Minaj also managed to take the internet by thunder with her almost naked selfies. In one of them Minaj holds the camera below and her breasts are on a full show. Only two animal printed starfish cover her nipples. Apparently, stardom comes at the price of indignity.

Rihanna’s feast for eyes


Image Source :  UsMagazine.Com

When it comes to selfies Rihanna knows how to play hide and seek very well. Many of the selfies she clicks are on the border of nudity. She treats her millions of fans with bare thighs, quirky tattoos and barely covered bosom. Her selfie with an endangered primate also received wide circulation and accolades.

Celebrities like to surprise their fans and stay under the limelight. Nothing gives quick publicity like an outrageous selfie taken in least bit of clothing.

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