The mystery shrouding the missing Malaysian Aircraft Flight 370

How does an aircraft simply vanish into thin air? How would it be able to disappear all of a sudden without giving even a little hint of what went wrong? That is exactly what happened to the Malaysian Aircraft, Flight 370 when it literally just vanished into thin air somewhere off the Vietnam coast while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Saturday.


It has been six days since the flight went missing. However, authorities have no clue whatsoever of what might have happened to the aircraft or where it might be at this moment.

While a red herring was issued upon the discovery of two passengers who had been traveling on the flight with stolen passports, no concrete evidence of a possible terror attack on the plane or the involvement of these two individuals in the flight’s disappearance has come up.

The search for the missing flight continued on the 6th day as more nations around the world joined the massive hunt. However, theories state that is the flight had crashed into the water, the debris would have been found by now. If the flight had been hijacked, it should have landed somewhere and should have been easily located by real time satellite photographs.

2011.7.6- oil spill

Previously, an oil slick in the ocean proved to be a false alarm when search parties traced it to a tanker. Another yellow colored object thought to be the door of the missing flight proved to be nothing but trash covered in moss.

Additional factors about the missing Malaysian aircraft increase the mystery around it. Firstly, the pilot on the missing aircraft was experienced, having logged almost 18000 flight hours and knowing the Boeing 777-200 ER in and out. Modern Boeing aircrafts are also designed to handle the toughest of situations.


Another factor is that the pilot did not send any distress signal before the plan disappeared. Even if the flight had been hijacked, the pilot would have had enough time to send an SOS. Then there is the mystery of the area over which the aircraft disappeared as well. The flight reportedly vanished somewhere over the sea off the coast of Vietnam.

This area is not like the Bermuda Triangle where aircrafts and ships vanish without a trace. The plane crashed either on land or into the sea. Hence, the failure to locate anything even remotely related to it is somewhat baffling even for the authorities.

The authorities are also baffled as to how the two passengers with stolen passports managed to bypass all the security checkpoints to enter the aircraft in the first place. They have not yet revealed as to when they discovered this as well. Suppose the pilot and crew were alerted about the same after takeoff?


The Malaysian aircraft 370 is yet to be discovered after it went missing on Saturday morning en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. The whereabouts of the flight remain a mystery with the authorities also investigating a terrorist angle to the disappearance. As the days increase, the mystery deepens. With no headway into the hunt, the authorities would most probably run out of options soon.

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