The plight of African elephants and aftereffects

It has been years since the African elephants are killed on a regular basis by the poachers for their valuable tusks. The World Wildlife Fund has presented a report that says around 30,000 elephants are slaughtered every year for tusks. Even the baby elephants are not spared in this wayward hunting.

Elephant poaching and trafficking has been a major concern for the wildlife conservation organizations. These organizations opine that around two-third of the forest elephants have been killed in the last decade. The guards of Garamba National Park claim that they have seen Ugandan military helicopters fly on a very low height over the park and it is believed that the Ugandan military is responsible for killing 22 elephants at a time by shooting them on their heads. They are also accused of stealing away a million dollar s’ worth of ivory.


There are also many local smuggling gangs in Africa, which are hunting down elephants and exchanging the tusks to buy weapons and sustain their turmoil.There are also many illegal criminal syndicates to help the smuggled ivory around the world.

Africa has become the hub of ivory smuggling as thousands of elephants are killed every year for the blood diamond. This concern influenced the American president Barack Obama to sign an executive order to combat wildlife trafficking in Africa, particularly the sale of rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks. It has been decided that the state government will provide $10 million to train and assist African authorities fighting the illegal poaching and selling of animals and animal parts.


Obama expects this aid will help the countries across the globe to fight this tusk smuggling and save the elephants in their regions. It has been a responsibility for every capable organization to help Africa restore their natural essence, in which elephants are a huge part. Elephant poaching are no longer a small scale activity. The elephant tusk smuggling has become very frequent and is considered as a heinous crime these days.

As the presence of elephants has beneficial environmental impacts, it is very important to preserve elephants to make our future better. The decision that came from the White House has provided the forest officials of Africa with a hope of stopping the global crime. Obama is committed to scrap these criminal activities that have been emptying the forests and savannas of the continent. This step has influence a lot of wildlife activists to charge up again and work for the security of the elephants.

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