Top Celebrities who Posed Nude for Charity

Celebrities stripping and baring their skin is surely a hot topic for magazine covers and when it involves a charity cause who could question their act? From Barbera Caprita and Jeany Spark who posed nude to campaign against brutal fishing practices to Myley Cyrus and Heidi Klum who came to the limelight baring their bodies for various charitable organizations, Hollywood has enough names in its cauldron to fill pages with names of such celebs who felt no qualms unclothing themselves for charity causes. Here are some top names who have created much flurry and furor in the glitz and glamour world by opting to go naked.


Heidi Klum, Winona Ryder and Myley Cyrus: Heidi Klum and Winona Ryder did not hesitate to show their skin to support the cause for melanoma research organization. And the latest to join the bandwagon of “Protect the Skin You ‘re in” is none other than popular star Myley Cyrus who bared it all for the awareness foundation by Marc Jacob.


Jean Marc, Melanie Bernier. Gillian Anderson, Olivia Williams: Call it their love for the sea creatures or the hatred towards how they were fished out of the water brutally, these stars chose to slip out of their clothes to stand for the campaign FishLove. While Gilian bared her sensual silhouette to pose with a conger eel enveloped round her slim neck, Melanie Bernier, the pretty actress from France too embraced an European eel quite sensually. Olivia Williams veiled her breasts by propping up two sabre fish in front of them and Jean-Marc held a mammoth mako shark in his arms. 


Boity Thulo: Television actress Boity Thulo created much pandemonium by posing for Marie Claire’s Naked Campaign in the Naked Magazine which proffers aid to orphans and school children in South Africa and around who are deprived of the basic needs. The magazine aims to donate the money for providing one meal daily to these children through a non-profit organization The Lunchbox Fund.

The photo where Thulo was seen showing off her bare African silhouette from behind by only donning a towel on her head won several tweets which applauded the star not only for offering her bare body for the charitable cause but for depicting images of finding great happiness and bliss in being a woman.


Adam Levine: Well, Hollywood’s nude celebrities are not only women for we have Adam Levine who unrobed for one of the United Kingdom’s top-notch testicular and prostrate cancer campaign Everyman.

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