Top five fashion trends to look out for in 2014

Changing trends in fashion always reflects social and cultural changes in at large. This is more or less synonyms with females. The majority women have this unending desire of dressing up according to the current fashion trends, no matter whether it suites them well or not. Fashion trends change almost every fortnight, which is followed endearingly by the female population of our society.

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As the year closes out, we are being flooded with the recaps ranging of last year from Scramento’s Annual Naughty and Nice list to Vogue’s Best Dressed list. As much as we are enjoying the display, though, fashion is all about the future, too and 2014 is shaping up to look damn good. This year’s fashion forecast is sunny with a chance of avant-grade design from sailor chic to peekaboo fabrics. Here are top five trends to expect on the streets this year:

Strategic Transparency

The hint of skin showing through Spring designs of 2014 are not covered by traditional lace or transparent silk, but rather a series of completely customized fabrics which looked like a fusion of embroidery and netting. Burberry Prorsum exclusively releases this, and Nina Ricci’s typically feminine pieces were overrun with ruffles of an eyelet-esque hybrid fabric.

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Optical Illusion Prints

The patterns adorning spring 2014 collections are in fact innovative, utterly captivating and intricate. Spring 2014 runway of Celine looked more like an art collection than a series of garments. Christian Dior executed a number of huge dresses in a mesmerizing, metallic fabric and Alexander McQueen’s collection predictable astonished the audience with a series of white, red and black avant-grade prints.

Sculpture garden

Eccentric silhouettes played a massive role on the runway for spring 2014 as well as the Pre-Fall collections and bony shapes in a garden variety of vibrant colors and shades. The designer displayed a number of offbeat and exaggerated shapes in his Pre-Fall collection, most notably off-white, a sharp, oversized coat, slitted skirt with navy and red stripping.

Fifty Shades

Grey is officially in fashion, especially when adapted in a silvery, metallic hue. Whether the choice of Pantone’s shades of this year has promoted the craze, the infamous book series has infiltrated the fashion industry. The color is no longer boring and it is achieving a cultural renaissance.

Athletic chick  

The athletic chick trend is perfect for jumping from meetings to everyday jobs and social engagements. The designer has decided to allow fashion devotees a range of movement for 2014.


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