Electric cars – are they worth making an investment

When we talk about innovation, the first thing that strikes our mind is an electric car. Although an electric car first appeared in the late 1800s, but we see a rapid increase in their production since the past decade. Various car manufacturers have now shifted their focus from producing typical fuel powered cars to producing electric cars. They believe that an electric car is much more efficient, reduces carbon footprint and requires less maintenance.


In short, an electric vehicle trims down a consumer’s costs. However, a recent study by American Automobile Association (AAA) reveled that these vehicles cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. According to AAA, the distance traveled by an electric vehicle in one charge varies extensively, depending on the weather change.

The association tested 2012 Mitsubishi iMiEV, 2013 Nissan Leaf and an electric 2014 Ford Focus in frigid temperatures. The tests disclosed that as soon as an EV is subject to cold weather, its efficiency of travelling in one charge decreases by 57%.

Normally, a fine electric vehicle travels 105 miles at 75 degrees, however when the mercury drops to 20 degrees, the distance travelled by an EV also shortens to 43 miles. In addition, subjecting to an EV to 95-degree temperature also reduces the efficiency by 33 percent. So, is an electric car worth your investment?


For people living in places where temperature changes frequently, an EV might not be the best option. AAA recommends that hoarding the car in garage, preheating the car before driving, cooling the car when required, using electric heaters, monitoring recharge time and battery drain, can help a user in maintaining an EV.

If you do have an electric car, you may perform all required actions to seek maximum benefits. We hope that the EV manufacturers are doing their best in terminating these weather-related malfunctions.


If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, you may ask the retailer about its functioning in cold or hot weather.  If they assure you that the car will function properly, you must consider purchasing the car.

The three models tested by AAA are best in the industry and therefore any other vehicle will face the same problem if they undergo extreme weather conditions. Right now, purchasing an electric car might prove out to be insignificant but you must keep a watch for upcoming models.

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