Venezuela puts ban on guns in a bid to stop murders

The government of every country does try its level best to make the country to be a crime free state. The government of Venezuela has moved a step forward to put a ban on guns in the country expecting that it would help in controlling the violent criminal activities and murders. As per the past arms and ammunition law of the country, anyone with a permit was able to buy a gun legally.The newly implemented Disarmament Law restricts the army, police and the booming private sector industry from purchasing guns.


The current law will be effective from September though it has been implemented into law in June by the President Nicolas Maduro. The law allows the gun owners to get their papers verified. If the papers are not verified before time, the owners may get prosecuted and may be awarded an imprisonment of 20 to 25 years behind bar. The President has expressed his expectations for making Venezuela a crime free state with the help of this law. The innovative law is believed to be the outcome of the attempts of the ex-president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who died from cancer in March.

National assembly leader, Diosdado Cabello has expressed his satisfaction over the new law saying that it would stop the selling of illegal arms or guns in the streets of Venezuela. The unofficial man slaughter rate in Venezuela is believed to be more than Afghanistan or Iran in recent days. Venezuela is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in world as far as crime is concerned. It has been a practice to own illegal firearms in Venezuela, which resulted in daily blood baths in the streets of Venezuela.

The government of Venezuela banned publishing of photos from national newspapers in 2010 after a daily published the photos of the twelve dead bodies after murder. These photos created an international impact. The total population of Venezuela is 30 million and there are around 1.6 to 4.1 guns owned by the civilians out of which 1.1 million to 2.7 million are believed to be illegal.These illegal arms include pistols to automatic range of guns.

The Union Nation has released a report that says Venezuela has an official murder rate of 49 homicides per 100,000 residents, which is highest in South America and fifth highest in the world. These killings has left most of the residents of the country in an unknown fear that urges them remain in a curfew state. Hopefully, the ban imposed by the government will help Venezuela restore peace and freedom in the country.

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