Vulgar SMS Campaign Going on against Veena Malik

Ever since the Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss Season 4 came to its conclusion, Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who participated in the show and remained in there till near its end, has been the object of criticism by some people including a few media sources over her intimacy with male members during the show. While Veena has defended herself nearly explosively on media against her accusers, her criticism has grown into a defamation campaign by means of short and vulgar sms messages. 1 feyAU 17659

Short messages with vulgar jokes about Malik are now in circulation by cell phone users. The messages tell a short, cheap, vulgar story about Malik and add “from the book (followed by a tawdry fictitious book name) by Veena Malik”. The messages are composed in Urdu language transliterated into English alphabet. In a sense, these are more effective means of persecuting the actress since she is not there to defend herself against these. But of course, this marks her triumph in gagging her vocal critics who consider her as a disgrace to Pakistan and Islam because she did “immoral” things in India.

Despite all the propaganda against the bold actress, who never shrinks from defending her individual rights and gets the better of her persecutors, is getting a lot of commendation and support in form of comments on posts about (or against) her on the Internet. For the liberals, Malik has become an example of feminine courage. Even the latest sms maligning campaign against her is likely to arouse only concern among the liberal segment of the population about what extent the oppressive part of society can go to persecute a woman who won’t yield to their hypocritical values.

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