War has no rules, no mercy – Use of chemical weapons in Syria proves it

The recent chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria that has reportedly left over 1000 people dead so far has shocked the entire world. Enough to actually make the UN sit up and take notice of a nation that has been ravaged by war and riots for almost a decade under the treacherous regime of Bashar al-Assad.


With the Turkish Foreign Minister condemning the attack and stating that all red lines have been crossed by it, world leaders have started to back the UN’s efforts to enter Syria and start an investigation into the attacks. In the UN Security Council meeting conducted on Wednesday, over 36 countries, including the UK have requested the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to send a team out to Syria to start a serious investigation into the attack and the forces that instigated it.

The meeting ended with the Foreign Secretary William Hague claiming that discussions with the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu were on, and that a political solution would be reached soon. Both parties have agreed upon the decision to ask for immediate access to the attack zones in Syria.

Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Jan Elliason also mentioned that without formal consent from the Syrian government, it would be impossible for even the UN weapons inspectors present in Syria to investigate the attack. This happened after the inspectors arrived on Sunday after trying to negotiate with the Syrian government for several months, to investigate similar chemical attacks in the region in the past.

The most recent chemical attack in Syria has left over a 1000 dead although the initial reports put forward by the Syrian Network for Human Rights indicated only 587 causalities. Amateur photographs and videos circulating in news channels and on the internet have shown several people choking and foaming at the mouth after the attack. Doctors who reviewed these photos and videos believe that the symptoms were caused by sarin gas, an agent that is reportedly part of a giant chemical weapons supply in Damascus that the region has not declared to date.

Despite all allegations pointing towards the Assad regime, the latter has denied the reports of the attack being its brainchild and has accused international terrorists for the attack. However, countries like France are not willing to believe these claims, with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius going as far as saying that it would be understandable if the international community resorted to military force in Syria if the allegations of the Assad regime using these chemical weapons were proven.

Other countries like Israel and China have also reacted strongly to the chemical weapons attack in Syria as well, and have reprimanded the UN for not taking proper international action against the Assad regime in spite of knowing about Assad’s merciless massacre of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians over the past two years!

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