Wearing Plaid Perfectly- Tips and Tricks

The fashion cosmos is ever-changing and in this dynamic world of shoes, sashes and skirts what tops the chart as the latest trend today might be considered passé tomorrow. However, the proverb “old is gold” aptly applies to the fashion market thus lugging in the trends which ruled the fashion world a few decades back to the forefront of the glamour platform.


Plaid is indubitably one of the fashion trends which keeps coming back with its simple yet smart designs to lend ensembles the unique touch of elegance and enigma. Celebrities love flaunting the perky plaid fashion too and with the New York Fashion Week just wrapping up recently the fabric has again zoomed out to grab eyeballs with top models walking down the red carpet in sassy plaid styles.  If you too wish to keep pace with the plaid trends, here are some tips to spruce yourself up. 


Get Chic: Give a chic look to your whole demeanor by opting for a men’s plaid buttoned-up shirt and coupling it with a classic silk skirt and pumps with pointed toes. You can also go for a pair of slacks to add some more feminine looks to the whole attire.

Make it All Purpose: According to Iva Grbesic, a working mom nothing denotes fashion better than plaid whether it be Fall, Summer or Winter. She believes in decking yourself up in plaid in a way as to make it all-purpose, perfect as a formal wear to office and ideal for a night out post work with pals. The stylish mother who boasts of a wardrobe full of plaids in myriad ensemble forms says she took the challenge of giving plaid a far greater appeal than Canadian lumberjacks for which she donned a pair of plaid pants and complimented it with a faux fur coat and white shirt for a morning to the workplace and an evening out with friends thereafter.


Compliment it Simply: Simple is the latest trend in plaids and since the fabrics come in vibrant colors, the trick is to keep the remaining of the attire simple and plain. As Sarah Lombard of Hollywoodlife.com, a leading online fashion website says, “Hold off on the full plaid look for now and instead wear a little bit at a time. A great sweater with plaid detailing is perfect with a cute mini skirt and tall boots.  If you’re going for a more casual look, wear a plaid button down opened with a graphic tee underneath and pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and low booties.”

Accessorize it: Finally, if you are unsure about whether you will be able to carry of the plaid looks with aplomb or not make plaid a part of your accessories. Wrap around a plaid scarf around your waist to highlight your silhouette or don a headband or simply clutch a plaid bag in your hand.

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