I Am Gay– How The World Is Prepared For Celebs Stating So?

Our attitudes that we have towards homosexuality differs according to the society that we were raised in and the personal views that we have towards the subject. While some people and countries are open towards legally recognizing same sex relationships and marriages, there are still a very large number of people who are yet to accept such societal changes.


The Era Of The Past

In the earlier decades, homosexuality was not recognized and was even banned in even the more developed countries like Europe, America as a crime that was punishable by law and a prison sentence; it was only after the 1970’s that a major part of the world began to accept homosexuality. This of course, meant that gay individuals could be in a relationship with the same sex but could not get married, even if they were to step out in the open they were still subject to a lot of ridicule.

The 2007 study ‘Global Attitudes Survey’ conducted by the Pew Research Center discovered that many people in the Middle Eastern countries, Africa are still against the concept of homosexuality. There is a more higher acceptance in countries like Canada, Australia, Europe, US, Latin American countries brazil, Argentina, Chile and Asian countries like Japan and Philippines.


More often in many of these countries, it is the younger generation that seems to be more accepting towards homosexual individuals as opposed to the older generation- this could be because of the difference in societal outlook.

Gay celebrities have taken the lead in promotion of the awareness and support of homosexuality.  This is largely because they live in the public eye and their actions determine what the rest of the world will do. Many celebrities have expressed that they are gay and there are others that openly support homosexuality. Gay celebrities offer momentum to a movement that is gradually getting more acceptances and a number of these celebrities is well established names.


Yes, We Are Ready

Currently, a number of initiatives are taking place such as the creation of anti discriminatory laws, legal recognition of marriages between people of the same sex. Such steps mean that the world is ready to accept homosexuality with many nations and societies taking a step forward to support the rights of these individuals; but just like any other major developments that have taken throughout human history, this particular development will be  a gradual one.

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