What foreign fighters are doing in Syrian turmoil

With the increasing fatality of the ongoing Syrian rebel, more and more foreign fighters are joining the war. Though the entire world has now become aware of the two and half-year long revolt that has been going on against the Syrian government, the number of people taking part in it from several other countries is quite surprising.

Australians Comprising the Maximum Number of Foreign Fighters

Till now, almost 50 different countries have participated in the Syrian rebellion actively. Some of them are Libya, Somalia, Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey, and so on. Those who have joined the civil war are mostly veterans with many years of experience, which is enough to strengthen the warriors in Syria to a great extent.


However, it has been seen that among those 6,000 foreign warriors, who are accompanying the people of Syria in unseating the President Bashar Assad, a large number are Australians. Even, they are making up the leading reliant in the Syrian revolt forces, says the report.

According to David Irvine, the Director General of ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), minimum 200 Aussies have already joined Syrians and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. There are approximately 100 Britons, 120 French and 50 American Muslims in the rebel forces, which are much lesser than their Australian counterparts.


Aussies have Come from a Smaller Community

Though the figure two hundred does not appear a big one, the speed at which it is increasing is really astonishing. It was less than half at the end of 2012 and will go up to thrice at the end of the current year, say the experts.

In addition to it, if the population of the entire Muslim community present in Australia is taken into account, it will be seen that the figure is unbelievable.

In America, there are around 2.6 million Muslims. The Muslim community in Britain comprises almost 2.7 million people, while 4.7 million Muslims are residing in France. On the other hand, Australia holds only 500,000 Muslims, which is significantly lesser than all other nations.

According to report, all these fighters are highly motivated and inspired by the religious extremism. At the end of the brutal civil war in Syria, the comeback of these radicalized Muslims will affect the communal harmony of Australia.  Hence, the rising number of Aussies joining the Syrian rebel forces has truly become one of the biggest concerns for the Australian Government.

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