WhatsApp and BBM giving hard time to the poll officials

Despite having a strict code of conduct on use and misuse of social media during the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission still faces a bizarre situation. This situation is owing to the social media like WhatsApp and BBM. A question which is haunting the poll officials is that how can one prevent hate speeches and inflammatory videos from being shared through apps like BBM and WhatsApp?


A senior poll panel official expressed his concern over the threat that this phenomenon poses a great threat to the peaceful conduct of the political players. The poll panel is engaged in talks with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other security agencies to figure out the measures to stop this evil as soon as possible.

As of now, the Uttar Pradesh police have found a new way to tackle this problem. Satish Ganesh (Deputy inspector general of police, public grievances) says people found with any such clips will be held and booked under various sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

The possessor of such inflammatory clips, jokes, messages or campaigns on these modules are liable to the toughest punishment as they are the ones who can disrupt public peace and harmony. In addition, the cases will be divided into two categories. The first category would comprise of the people who have these clips on their mobile phones, and the second category would comprise of people who forward such clips to the others.


We believe both these actions deserve a harsh punishment. The decision of state police has the poll panel’s backing. A special cell is created to keep an eye on all the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tech experts are put on guard to check all the material posted on walls across the area. The cell will particularly eye on the FB and Twitter accounts of all the political leaders and candidates. This step will eventually prevent any promotional campaign to reach the virtual world without the EC official’s clearance.

In order to realize the aim of peaceful elections, the guidelines laid by the EC must be adhered. I hope that the fear of punishment will haunt the wrong doers, and will make them think many times before even daring to think about committing any such derogatory act. Although a lot more laws need to be brought in, nevertheless these existing ones would surely rid the society off these evils.

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