Why Pixel is better than iPhone?

Google released the Pixel in October last year. Pixel is considered as the successor of Nexus series of phones although Google stopped the production of Nexus. Pixel was launched to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7, the company’s flagship model.

These are the reason why we think it’s truly a competitor for iPhone.


Pixel has a 12.3 megapixel primary camera which shoots crisp and quality images, even in low light conditions. With 4k recording and f/2.0 aperture, the pictures taken on Pixel are sharper and even give great details to the back ground of the pictures. It even provides better selfies than the iPhone 7.


Pixel uses Android Nougat where as iPhone 7 use IOS 10.0.1. Both phones claims to be the fastest, but Google provides customization to animations and notifications which Apple does not offer to its users. This makes the Google UI faster and user friendly than IOS.


Google has better clarity in its display because it has AMOLED which is way better than iPhone’s LCD screen with retina display. Pixel gives more premium visuals with its 1440p screen, where as iPhone is only having a 1080p screen. With these features everything on Pixel’s screen looks better.


Pixel offers good grip for users, thanks to its brushed metallic two tone partial glass panel. Placement of the fingerprint scanner on the backside of the phone adds ergonomics to pixel. It’s lighter also when compared to the iPhone.

Fast Charging

Pixel has fast charging like most of the new android phones in the market. Pixel’s USB Type C charger offers faster charging time over iPhone’s Lightning charger.

Better Battery life

Pixel has a 2770mAh battery compared to the 1960mAh battery of the iPhone. It provides 20% more battery life than the iPhone even after heavy usage.

Google Cast

With Google cast you can convert your ordinary Bluetooth speaker into a smart speaker which the iPhone cannot do. iPhone only has a few compatible devices which are usually costlier. 

File Management

IOS won’t allow users to view the files on its storage even if you plug it into a PC. Here the android has an upper hand because of its file manager you can easily manage and share the files on your phone.

App Compatibility

iPhone does not allow users to use Apps from outside its app store.  While going to use an app you should also check it’s I phone compatibility. Google allows users to install and use apps from 3rd party providers also. Most of the apps in Play Store are free of cost too.

Google Assistant

When it comes to the AI Google proves it is way better than Apple. The Google Assistant learns and detects the needs of user and will provide better results than Siri. Google has used its AI capabilities to give the Google Assistant an upper hand over Siri.

With all these features included we can tell that Pixel is way better than the IPhone

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