Will leadership change in Iran curb Iran’s nuclear program?

Since last three decades, the administrations of both the United States and Iran have been wasting the opportunities that can make their relations stronger. In 2009, a great scope was missed by the Iran Government when Barack Obama became the President of the U.S. And now, as it is the first meeting between two countries after the leadership change in Iran regarding the much-talked nuclear program, the Obama Government should stay away from reviving the old issues.


Iran did not Respond Positively to Obama’s Effort

When it comes to the association between Iran and the U.S., both nations remain unwilling to make use of several engagement opportunities that come in their way. It has been going on for 30 long years.

When Mr. Barack Obama took over the responsibility 4 years ago, he expressed his concern about this issue. He wanted to put the relation of his country with the opposition in the Middle East back together and took a genuine initiative for this purpose.

The U.S. President announced that the Government is ready with “extended hand” to mend everything wrong between the two nations. Moreover, he wrote to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, regarding why engagement might be a plus for two adversaries.

But Mr. Khamenei preferred to “wait and see” as Iran was not prepared to rely on the new government of America.


U.S. must not Let the New Opportunity Go

A new chance has come up recently as the leadership in Iran has experienced a significant change. Mr. Hassan Rouhani, who has been the only planner of the nuclear conformity between the West and Middle East since last 11 years, has been voted for the President of Iran. Though experts are predicting that it is a good signal for curbing Iran’s nuclear program, the American government is still skeptical about it.

In his latest interview with the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), the U.S. President has expressed his doubt and concern regarding the future and development of Iranian people rather than applauding the new administration.

However, Mr. Obama as well as some other government officials is going to meet the new Iran administration within a few days. The meeting will be held in Brussels and it will be focused on the how to shape up the nuclear negotiations. Hence, it is certainly a great opportunity for the U.S.

It is quite explicable that the decade-long misunderstandings will not come to an end in a day. But, the American Government should be clear with its priority and go ahead accordingly.

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