Workplace: Not-to-do list!

Charles Darwin’s theory “Survival for the fittest” holds true in the professional life as well. At your workplace, you have to keep an eye on several things to fit in completely . While doing your work sincerely, there are some habits or things you should extremely avoid in order to save your job in the long run. Read on, to know about 10 workplace sins.

Beware of gossiping

Gossip is not at all your business. Do not get yourself tagged as a gossip satellite by others. You can immediately get fired by gossiping about company’s affairs. You come to the office for doing work and you get paid, why waste your time into gossiping? If you find yourself among gossiping peers, find an escape by talking about fruitful things or by being diplomatic to avoid troubles at work.

Stop discrimination

If you are a manager in your company, you should treat your every team member with the same length of respect. Discrimination will ruin your image. If you are at work, do not discriminate simply because you have a good personality or you have a particular skill. Everybody has some quality but that does not mean you should think yourself as superior to others. Be polite and kind to everyone.

No ‘Yes Boss’ please!

Some people find it easier to choose shorter path to find success. They start licking their boss’s feet to get promotion or to get their things done. Remember that only hard work speaks. Doing ‘Yes Boss’ may get you into troubles. Raise your career graph by your hard work.

Do not blame anyone else for your mistakes

‘To err is human and to forgive is divine’ and in the offices, bosses are the divines. Before anybody points out your mistake, you go and accept it to your boss. Your promise of not repeating the same in the future, will increase the trust that your boss has in you. Never blame others for your mistakes. Also, plan a strategy to correct your mistake and offer your boss to overview it. This way you can show your efficiency.

Never blend your personal life with professional life

It is good to have work pressure but be clear when it comes to balancing between personal and professional lives. When you are at work, keep yourself professional and put emotions at bay. Working too much in the office by sacrificing your personal life isn’t a good idea either. When you are at home, do not bring your office worries and spend a quality time with your family. Make a thick line between your professional and personal life and do your best to never blend them.

Do not completely trust co-workers

It’s natural to trust your colleagues as you spend most of the time with them in the office but never trust them completely. Colleagues can be disguised enemies as well. Such people are described as ‘frenemies’. They look friendly but they are treacherous inside. Your colleague may have been hiding important information to you. Never trust your colleagues completely to avoid getting into troubles.

Do not over stay in the office

Often companies state that they appreciate early coming and late going. But nobody gets paid for over staying in the office and nobody appraises it either. Rather, the moment they find you as a late goer, they give more work to you. It is advisable to finish your targets within official timings and head towards the home when the clock says it’s time to leave.

Stop being a doormat

A doormat is the tool where people dust off their unwanted things. Do not let yourself be the one. People at work may accuse you but take the charge and clear yourself. If required, go for the hard talk as well. Being polite every time also allows others to take you as granted. Learn to say ‘no’ to others. Do not let others take credits of your work. Handle the situation at your end but if the problem persists, discuss it with your boss in an appropriate way. Make sure you keep yourself busy enough to avoid doing other’s task like getting coffee or a print out to their desk.

Do not indulge in romantic affair with your boss

Your boss is the in charge of your career graph. But that does not mean in any sense that he or she can take your advantage by dating or being in affair with you, simply because you are a fresher. Avoid any kind of such relationship with your boss. Also, do not avoid everyone else blindly if he or she shows interest in you. Keep your professional attitude and handle your brewing relationship out of the office.

Sleeping at work, bad habit!

Wake up as your work never sleeps. Sleeping will keep you cocooned from several important things like meetings or important updates. If your boss catches you sleeping, he or she will make it a point and sooner or later, you will be paying price for this bad habit. To avoid sleepy head at work, get enough sleep at home. Eat healthy food to stay active and drink lots of water throughout the day.

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