Yahoo finally got Tumblr for $1.1 Billion: What will be the consequences?


Yahoo’s acquisition of the famous blogging site Tumblr has been the center of attention for the past few days. The bloggers have been worried regarding this for quite some time. Yahoo is definitely trying to earn their popularity back and get on the top of internet media ladder once more. There were talks about Yahoo buying the video portal site Hulu but they left that deal midways and pursued Tumblr instead. Yahoo has been in a dejected state for long and users worldwide did not consider it as one of the sites they can’t live without. In social networking Tumblr brought a revolution through microblogging. Blogging has become a favorite hobby of millions of people and they love to use Tumblr as a platform for their thoughts and views. Nothing can be said with certainty regarding the success of this acquisition yet but lots of conjectures are being made.

Why Did Yahoo Buy Tumblr?

Marissa Mayer, the chief executive of Yahoo, announced the acquisition of Tumblr through social media platforms. She has been quite non-adventurous before in her ventures of acquisitions. Her sudden shift from thrifty to hefty investment can be pinned down to desperation.  Yahoo has been losing its market to other search engine giants, especially Google, and needed a superb comeback. They are probably hoping to cash on the market already developed by Tumblr and merging it with their loyal customer base. It is just like purchasing real estate.


Tumblr was readily available on the market and it is already popular, means it is a great property. Maybe Facebook’s purchase of Instagram last year prompted Yahoo to take this major step. A survey done by Pew tells that 13 percent of the young Internet using crowd aged 18 to 23 is active on Tumblr. This is not a negligible statistics for Yahoo as they are finding it hard to cope with the young crowd.

Tumblr uses a very unique blogging method. The creator of Tumblr, David Karp, has incorporated many hard-to-overlook features in this blogging hub. People can share the posts of others through their own account and post their own comments along with it. The sharing process is infectious and this infection catches soon. Discussions flow from one topic to another and you will find hundreds of entry for each issue at least. It is being estimated that Yahoo’s total traffic will get increased by a minimum 20%. The use of Yahoo search engine will help users find out content of their choice or take part in discussions of their liking through Tumblr. Though Mayer’s attempt of appeasing the agitated Tumblr lovers ,through the promise that they won’t ‘screw it up’ ,has made many frown in indignation may be there is hope of better user experience from this merging of the giants.

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