10 Celebs Who Are Atheists

Many celebs like the veteran Hollywood artist Jack Nicholson and Grammy winner Ani DiFranco don’t follow any religion. Yet, they are seriously concerned about humanity. Here are 10 celebs that are non-believers and denies existence of God.

10 Celebs Who Don’t Believe in God

Ani DiFranco

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An outspoken atheist, the Grammy award winner Ani DiFranco says it’s “unfortunate” to give the responsibility of justice among humanity to some superior being.

Billy Joel
Joel is an atheist but he believes in “spiritual planes” and regards musicians as “wizards” that helps in unveiling a little of these planes.

Brad Pitt

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Fight Club and World War Z star Brad Pitt is another non-believer. In an interview with People magazine, the Hollywood actor said that he opened about his faith as he grew older.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter fame Daniel Radcliffe admits that he’s “an atheist” but didn’t preach his believe system to others. The British actor also admits to have respect for people that believe in religion.

Jack Nicholson

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Popularly known for playing sociopaths and psychopaths, the sinister Jack Nicholson is yet another Hollywood atheist that denies the existence of an above-all being. “I don’t believe in God now, but I can still work up an envy for someone who has a faith,” says the actor.

Joaquin Phoenix

42-year old Gladiator fame Joaquin Phoenix disregards in believing a God. According to him, believing in a God is a “pretty preposterous idea.” Conversely, the actor says it’s ok for others to hold onto such a belief.

Julianne Moore

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An open supporter of marriage equality and other social causes, Julianne Moore is also an outspoken atheist. When she was asked by a journalist that what she’d like to sayif she could meet God at the gates of Heaven, she honestly replied, “Wow, I was wrong, your really do exist!”

Keanu Reeves

Hollywood’s amiable actor Keanu Reeves denies believing in a God.Although he believes in energy. “Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction,” the actor told Today during an interview.

Keira Knightley

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Beautiful Keira Knightley might look no less than a priestess.She’s a non-believer, the actress admits that sometimes her belief bugs her.

Mark Zuckerberg

World’s biggest social media network’s creator doesn’t believe in a supreme being. The young billionaire’s FB page discloses him as an “atheist.”

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