How to keep your teenager safe with tracker apps

keep your teenager safe

It’s great if you share such a relationship with your teenager that they will truthfully tell you where they’re going and what they’re doing. If you don’t or even if you do, it’s not necessary that your teenager will tell you every time where they’re going to be. But you do need to know, for the sake of their safety and for your peace of mind. There are many tracker apps which can help you track your teenager’s movements.

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Free apps

There are free phone tracker apps which you can download easily using phone tracker app free download online. You can sign up and create an account after which you will be able to use the app. You can track your teenager’s phone with GPS tracker and also monitor SMS, MMS, and calls. Some apps record the location history of a phone, so that you’ll know where your teenager was a few days ago too.


It cannot be used as a phone tracker without internet, but you can monitor many things with this app: who your kid/s talk to, their texts, their apps and so on. Though you may not be comfortable spying on your teenager/s but it’s a bitter truth that kids of that age are vulnerable and can be in dangerous situations as they are not mature enough to understand or judge the intentions of people they meet online.

Spy Bubble

This app is used by many to monitor cheating spouses. But it can also be used to check in on your teenager’s whereabouts. Spy Bubbles has several spy features apart from the phone tracker GPS feature. Information such as 8% of people who share their snaps online face harassment, can be found on their site, to guide you about many aspects of phone usage which you should know, and warn your kids about.

Phone Sheriff

This app allows time limits to be set, apart from the phone tracker GPS option. You can shut down your teen’s phone to cut down gameplay time or internet usage, when required.


You can register to get this phone tracker app free download to track the location of your teen, his / her social media accounts, monitor SMS and share family photos or messages, which is extremely convenient to remind each other about daily activities. The feature which you’d like best, is that you get to know the speed in which your teen is travelling, whether it’s him/her or a friend driving the car.


This won’t function as a phone tracker without internet, but it blocks chat, online shopping, dating, liquor and gambling sites at middle school option and if you select the high school option, it will block sexual, adult and content involving violence and weapons.      

Teenage is a time when your child will test limits and boundaries and will try to explore new things in order to know themselves. This is the time when they can be most influenced by undesirable people and phone tracker apps are a way to keep them safe.

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