10 Celebs who Looked Unattractive Teens

Do you think that George Clooney was just as great looking during his teen years, as he is now? No, he wasn’t. And neither was Jake Gyllenhall. Here are 10 celebs that looked weird during their teen years.

10 Good-Looking Celebs That Were Weird Teens

  1. Blake Lively

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    Beautiful actress Blake Lively is another celeb that didn’t look any good while she was a teen as she looks now. During her teenage period, she looked more like a nerdy tall girl than a beautiful girl with an amazing
  2. Chris Pine
    The dashing star known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk in the revived Star Trek movie series, Chris Pine is yet another actor that you won’t recognize from his teen years. The actor supported less than average looks during his teen years.
  3. Dwayne Johnson

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    Professional wrestler turned actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looked a very eccentric teen during his growth years. All those muscles weren’t there and he didn’t have yet learned to support his great iconic smile yet.
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal
    Good looking actor and recipient of the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, Jake Gyllenhaal looked very much unattractive during his teen years. No one could possibly have expected him to grow old into a good-looking young man as he is now.
  5. James Franco

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    The handsome James Franco wasn’t so good-looking during his life as a teen. He looked more like a geek than a good looking boy.
  6. George Clooney
    Oscar recipient George Clooney wasn’t your ordinary-looking teen. He didn’t look anything attractive like what he looks now. Other than his eyes, there isn’t anything more similar between his now-look and the-then teen look.
  7. Jeremy Renner
    Image Source : static.independent.co.uk
    The charming actor popular for his roles in movies like The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy doesn’t look that much attractive during his teen years.
  8. Kesha
    Beautiful and stylish pop-rap singer Kesha did not have the same good looks during her teenage years as she has them now. The singer looked very frail and weak during her teenage years and wasn’t fashionable at all.
  9. Megan Fox
    Image Source : pictures.zimbio.com
    “The gorgeous Hollywood diva wasn’t beautiful as a teen. On the contrary, she looked much like a nerd than a beautiful young girl. No one would have guessed by then that she will be becoming one of the most beautiful looking actresses in the Hollywood in her future life.
  10. Taylor Swift
    Other than her amazing voice, Taylor Swift is a celeb appreciated by millions of fans for her beauty. Contrary to her adult-look she looked very simple during her teen years. Nothing in her appearance during her teen years could make you suggest that she had such an incredible voice.


Teen years are surely one big step towards transformation to the adulthood. These celebs clearly made quite a transformation during their teenage period.

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