10 Coolest Celebrity Hipsters

Celebs like Johnny Depp and Adrien Brody have been in the hipster game for quite a while now. James Franco, Emma Watson and others, freshly join them. So, let us give you the biggest 10 celebrity hipsters.

10 Biggest Celebrity Hipsters

  1. Adrien Brody Image Source : yesofcorsa.comPianist fame Adrien Brody is a well-known celeb hipster that keeps a wardrobe full of deep V-neck tees. Of late, he was seen supporting a black cap and a beard.
  2. Emma Watson
    Hermione Granger a.k.a. Emma Watson is always on the news for her humanitarian efforts. The British actress was recently seen putting on oversized spectacles reflecting the fact that she truly is a hipster.
  3. James Franco 
    Image Source : trbimg.com
    The good-looking James Franco is experimenting with his clothing all the time. And we must admit that he marks his presence with his good looks no matter where he goes. Quite a hipster he is.
  4. Johnny Depp
    As popular Johnny is for the eccentric roles he plays, he is nothing less known for his exceptional dressing sense. Truly, he is one of the biggest celeb hipsters we have.
  5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Image Source : insessionfilm.com
    Other than being known for his adorable screen presence, Joseph is also known for the get-ups he puts while going public. He is for sure one of the biggest celebrity hipsters.
  6. Kristen Stewart
    Yes, the Twilight fame Kristen Stewart is one of the biggest Hollywood hipsters. She was recently spotted in a black tee, dark jeans, and a cool black Dodgers cap.
  7. Natalie Portman Image Source : hdwallpapers2k.com
    Israeli actress, Natalie Portman is known for her convincing acting performances. But the actress is also adored for her trendy looks and outrageous fashion sense. She is gorgeous, talented and top celeb hipster.
  8. Robert Pattinson
    The classic brown suit, half-shaved pate, slim black jeans, and rock-n-roll tee, if that’s not what defines Robert’s hipster status, God knows what will.
  9. Ryan Gosling  Ryan-GoslingImage Source : cdn.playbuzz.com
    Ranging from ironic tux shirts to his always unalike facial hair, everything about the talented Ryan Gosling is full of hipster-ness. Not to mention the resolute characters he is known to portray on the big screen.
  10. Whitney Port
    TV personality Whitney Port is a cool celeb hipster. She supported the fact by wearing a black cropped halter top and high-waist tap shorts.


Who is the king/queen of celebrity hipsters in your opinion? Is it the charming Joseph Gordon-Levitt or the gorgeous Kristen Stewart?

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