10 Costliest celebrity breakups

We are simply clueless whether celebrities value relationships more or the glitz and glam of the limelight and fast lifestyle. Our assumption is that it is the second option. You can assume this by looking at the frequencies with which they enter into wedlock and get out of it. The most amusing part of it is that they do not seem disturbed with these divorces at all. Rather, the celeb divorces are just another celebration and money making affairs for them. Of course, we cannot overlook the immense publicity that comes their way with each separation as well. Let???s take a tour of some of the costliest Hollywood divorces that created news.

Celeb couples

1. Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

Mick and Jerry

It was perhaps on a romantic day in 1977, when Texas rock sensation Mick and supermodel Jerry met and found the world in each other. Things were perfectly fine with Jerry, as sources reveal, but Mick was all set to find a parallel world! But as they say, you cannot hide extramarital, so Mick???s misdeeds soon got revealed. Whats more, Hall???s divorce petition in 1999 also threw light on the fact that Mick had fathered the child of another woman. Now, the fate of this nuptial was crystal clear to the world. But the breaking news was that Mick made Hall richer with a hefty sum of approximately $15 to $25 million and a share of his estate as alimony for his wrong doings. Poor Mick, you should have been careful!

2. Lionel and Diane Richie

lionell and diana

Richie, an already married, 36 years old man could not resist the charm of Diane, a backup dancer at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Richie had his first divorce of his life for Diane in 1993, to enter the wedlock with her. But alas! Fate had thought something else for this tabloid favorite couple of that time. So, 2004 was another divorce time for Richie. But this time the alimony was really ridiculous. Diane demanded a monthly allowance of $15,000, $50,000 for manicure charges, massage and personal grooming and a yearly budget worth $20,000 for her plastic surgery! Lastly, the settlement was made at hefty $20,000 million. Richie, you should have thought before marrying this fairy queen!

3. Michael and Diandra Douglas

Michael and Sandra

Marriage was perhaps a good omen for Michael Douglas. Soon after his wedlock with Diandra Luker in 1977, Douglas???s fan following jumped like never before, not to mention the number of new offers that came his way and his growing bank balance. But, there are a few poor people, who cannot hold fortune and Douglas is definitely one of them! His drug abuse and infidelity made his marriage come to an end in 1998. But this time it was Diandra, who was supposed to get wealthier with $45 million as alimony plus Douglas???s homes in Beverly Hills and Majorca.

4. James Cameroon and Linda Hamilton

James and Linda

The marriage and divorce of the Titanic famed director, James Cameroon and Terminator actress, Linda Hamilton initiated and extinguished like a lightning. Whats more, they also have a daughter out of that marriage! They were couple or supersonic jets? Anyway, this marriage lived for a total of eighteen months, but Linda got luckier at the end. She bagged a sumptuous $50 million as divorce settlement. Lucky you!

5. Paul McCartey and Heather Mills

Paul and Heather

Who had ever thought that the nuptial journey of the Beatle star, James McCartey with the 30 years junior model activist, Heather Mills will end such bitterly! But, rumors say that Mills could find only the wild side of Paul all the four years they stayed together. This beauty and the beast tale made Mills fortunate at the end with $700 million. But a sum of $60 million towards the settlement is still pending. Disgrace Paul, you could not handle a young wife!

6. Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

Kevin and Cindy

We are really sorry that the sixteen years of togetherness of Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva ended such sadly. While we cannot assume much about Kevin???s mental condition connected to this separation, but we can definitely say Cindy was lucky enough. She called it quits just when Kevin was at the peak of his success. So, the divorce made her richer by $80 million. Wise girl!

7. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

Harrison and Melissa

We must definitely praise the money making mind of Melissa Mathison. We saw glimpses of it during her divorce settlement. As soon as the couples decided to dissolve their eleven years of wedding bond in 2004, Mellisa???s business mind started calculating the sum she would demand as compensation. Thus, she had to be pleased with an approximate settlement sum of $85 million. Together with this, Ford had to give away a share of his future earnings from the films he made while he was married to Mellisa. This included the DVD sales right of the mega hit trilogy, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘The Fugitive’. Poor Harrison, be content that you could escape at last!

8. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving

Steven and Amy

Amy did not take matters lightly before her marriage either. Thus, the prenuptial agreements that both Spielberg and Irving had agreed to, were recorded by her in a mere paper towel! The eagle eyes of the director failed to estimate the role of this paper, which became Amy???s major weapon. In 1989, during their divorce contest, Amy was declared winner with half a share of Spielberg???s fortune at that time, which was pricey $100 million! Now, this explains why fairer sexes are considered intelligent.

9. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey

Neil and Marcia

This raging musical sensation of the 70s, was a popular musician in showbiz during this time with gross fortune of $14 million annually. But was the money bugging him? He filed a divorce against Marcia in 1994, on grounds of irreconcilable differences. God knows what made him think so after twenty five years of marriage, but Marcia got fortunate by $150 million. Hold on, there is a surprise, Neil was happy that Marcia got what she deserved. Was it his new publicity stunt then?

10. Michael and Juanita Jordan

Michael and Juanita

If things go in favor of Juanita, then this will probably be the dearest divorce in the history of entertainment industry. Juanita Vanoy, a Chicago bank officer, got married to star basketball player Michael Jordon in 1989. His list of fortunes included an eight year contract with Chicago Bulls worth $25 million, regular earning of $30 million annually from Nike and other pricey endorsements. But by the time the marriage grew old enough, Mike was fortunate by over $350 million. But, the couple split last year and it is now the turn of Juanita to get fortunate. We are betting whether she will take away half of Mike???s assets or more than that. But possibilities say it will definitely be more than $150 million. Let???s keep our fingers crossed to see the end of this mighty divorce.

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