Ronnie and Sammi, the infamous ‘Jersey Shore’ couple break up yet again

Ronnie and Sammi

The quarrel-tales between the ???Jersey Shore??? stars Ronnie and Sammi have always been the matter of discussion. Breaking up and reuniting had become the part of their lives, since the couple got into affairs. However, now after two years full of nonstop fights, they finally ended up their relationship again

On tuesday night, at the super-fan screening of Paranormal Activity 3 in the New York City, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro confirmed to US Weekly, ???We are not together.??? This is not for the first time that the duo has called it quits. Prior to the latest breakup, the couple already ended up their bonding last year. However, they decided to give their relation a second chance, as time passed.

Last year, while shooting for season 3 of the famous reality TV show ???Jersey Shore???, the couple stuck into a fiery argument and split. The squabble was extremely ferocious and Ronnie created a mess of her belongings and her side of the bedroom they once shared. The after effect of that argument caused Sammi Giancola quitting the show for concise phase to take some rest at her home and to get some mental peace by wiping off the bad past.

Soon after that emotional catastrophe, while filming for the fourth and final season of the show in Florence, Italy, they reunited themselves and decisively gave a fresh start to their relationship. However, it seems that their destinies did not agree to this unity and made their efforts hollow.

Ronnie and Sammi both seemed to brawl wildly throughout their voyage to Florence. This time the cataclysm occurred because Mike ???The Situation??? Sorentino put his nose amid their relationship. Later on, Mike???s interference became the major reason for a severe scuffle between him and Ronnie, which resulted in Mike being admitted to the Hospital. This fight was the foundation for the final break up between Ronnie and Sammi.

When asked, the Jersey Shore cast mates of the ???so called pair??? expressed mixed gestures and views over the issue. Some of them seen in the favor of Sammi, whereas others shown their support toward the other part of the pair. According to them, they have long voiced their concern over the obnoxious temperament of their relationship.

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