Lewis and his Pussycat doll end four year long relationship

Looks like Nicole Scherzinger has decided not to sing “stickwitu” to long-time boyfriend and rumored fiancé Lewis Hamilton anymore. Both Scherzinger and Hamilton have “amicably” split for the second time, having once separated for a brief period before. This time the separation seems to be for good.

Scherzinger, who is several years older than Hamilton, claims to have tried her best to make the relationship work despite busy schedules for both Scherzinger and Hamilton. Time apart anticipates the advantage of both Hamilton focusing more on his driving and Scherzinger focusing on her entertainment commitments. This was supposedly the reason leading up to the break-up, with Scherzinger stressing on the fact that she made efforts to be with Hamilton as much as possible as he toured the world for his F1 Grand Prix commitments. Scherzinger, a popular performing artist in her own right, had been compromising on her work choices and losing out on meaty opportunities just to make the relationship work. However, the couple seem to bear no resentment and bitterness and are still friends in regular contact with each other.

Lewis Hamilton has been the hot, young thing in the Formula One circuit for quite a while now. Hailing from England, he won the Formula One World Championship in 2008 at the tender age of 23. He also met and started dating Nicole Scherzinger at around the same time, the first serious relationship for the young and successful sportsman. Nicole, who had already become a successful solo artist and had previously had success as the group leader of the girl band Pussycat Dolls had already become 30 years of age at the time.

The couple have always kept their relationship private and low-profile, much to the dismay of paparazzi, even as they have been labeled one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment industry. Usually, it the performer girlfriend who makes sacrifices for the sportsman boyfriend as Posh Spice a.k.a. Victoria Adams had done for David Beckham when the wedding bells rang, but Carrie Underwood has proved how marriage should not cause for a full-blooming entertainment career to slow down, especially when your husband is a sportsman.

However, the case of Hamilton-Scherzinger is different. Unlike Underwood’s husband, Hamilton is one of the best racers in one of the most popular global sports. With the kind of sponsorship resting on his shoulders, work comes before everything. There are other F1 drivers who make the family life work, former F1 racer Michael Schumacher being a case-in-point. But Nicole Scherzinger is a respected pop artist who would indeed be a loss to the talent in the industry, even as it seems to be single-handedly dominated by Lady Gaga.

Age is just a number for Hollywood stars. Scherzinger has the complete package to still come back with a bang. Great looks, a great body, great singing voice, great writing skills and more importantly, great friends and collaborators, Scherzinger’s USP is her kickass attitude. While she may not be the Lewis Hamilton of the US pop charts, she’s still got enough talent to reign it.

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