10 Movie bloopers that you didn’t notice

It is inevitable to make mistakes and bloopers even when producers spend millions of dollars in making a good and successful movie. However, there are many mistakes that take place in continuity and are visible to the audience???s repetitively. Many viewers tend to watch movies like pounce and hawks and so they are well aware of these errors. Let us take a look at some of them.

The Lord of the Rings blooper

1. Star Wars

Star Wars blooper

It would have been better to have widened doorways at the sets of the Star wars death star. No sooner the stormtrooper breaks open inside the room, there is a person hitting him hard towards the door frame. If only he had worn a helmet. This is a re mastered version with a ???thud??? sounding effect. Noel Coward had popularly defined this error saying that the lines must be learned instead of bumping the head to the furniture.

2. Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs blooper

There is a famous unforgettable scene when Marvin Mash a police officer is surrounded and tortured by a gang with a sound effect of the song sung by Steel Wheeler. Marvin Nash was handcuffed and the direction kept switching the handcuffs from front to behind his back all throughout the scene.

3. Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket blooper

It is an anti war movie featured in England. The mariners jog at the ???training camp???. The roads show the British road markings whereas there are no such roads in the entire United States.

4. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings blooper

It is common to observe fake wounds during the action scenes. Of course it is also important to maintain the scars in continuity on a particular part of the body. The scar on the face of Frodo keeps changing its position as well as. The entire credits would go to the wizards work or the make up department.

5. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park blooper

You can watch a QuickTime movie clip on You tube. Movies makers seriously thought that because the movie was an Apple Macintosh application many people will never be able to recognize that it is a pre recorded movie.

6. Gladiator

Gladiator blooper

It is a bought from the Epic of Roman age supported by special effects given by CGI. In the Carthage Battle, you will observe that a chariot when knocked hitting on the wall there is a blanket lifting to reveal a gas cylinder at the back show. Romans failed to understand why they need an introduction to a gas supply.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean blooper

Captain Jack Sparrow draws up a meeting of crew members to say his dialogue ???on deck, you scabrous dogs???. You will observe one of the crew members completely out of this meeting looking at the sea, dressed up in a completely new style with a cowboy hat and a with a pair of sunglasses too.

8. Teen Wolf

The malfunctions of the wardrobe of Janet Jackson were already observed by the audience. However, the first mishap was during the Game of Championship Game between the Beavers and the Dragons.

9. Commando

The yellow Porsche is broken down to the left side at the time of chasing the Sully. It is although fine when the Arnold commands the Porsche to be away. It was the first Transformers successful movie so there was a little less knowledge on the entire episode.

10. North by Northwest

North by Northwest blooper

You will find that an extra behave quite indifferently in one of the scene of café at Mount Rushmore memorial. There is a young boy putting his fingers inside his ears just a moment before a gunfire sound is heard. As an extra staff on the sets, the boy must have clearly read the script and the sounding effects too.

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