All time hits: 10 Most magical movie weddings

Weddings are magical indeed and there are many movies that have shown weddings to our liking. We have enjoyed watching these weddings and have even been moved to tears watching some of them. This article presents to you 10 movies and their characters whose weddings we loved. Read on :

magical movie weddings

1. Sex and the city 2

sex and the city 2 movie wedding

There’s just no fun in full conventionality? It is broom( bride and the groom) marriage time. Didn’t get the point? Well, it???s a gay marriage actually! The groom and groom holds their wedding in an all white room decked with wonderful lit trees and guess who marries them? Liza Minnelli!

2. My big fat greek wedding

greek wedding

Bridesmaids wrapped in tacky dresses, and the bride herself in a huge fairy tale wedding dress. Toula (Nia Vardalos) gets married to Ian (John Corbett) amid a lot of friends and family. Expect all the tradition and drama of a Greek wedding when you watch this one.

3. A walk to remember

Walk to Remember

The wedding in this movie is sure to move anyone to shed at least a tear. Even as our hero Landon Carter (Shane West) knows that the love of his life Jamie (Mandy Moore) is dying slowly from leukaemia, he doesn???t lose hope. He arranges everything and sees to it that Jamie gets to do everything she wanted to do in her life. They get married in a church in a wedding that is just so beautiful.

4. Father of the bride

Weddings and a Funeral

Weddings are even more magical when the parents??? bless and smile at the newly weds with all their heart. Months of planning by the bride???s parents (Steve Martin & Diane Keaton), finally bears fruit as Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams Paisley) weds Bryan MacKenzie (George Newbern). They have a gorgeous wedding that is moving to watch.

5. 27 dresses

27 dresses

We do not always get what we really want. But we do sometimes get something we can cherish and hold on to it in its place. That???s exactly what happens in Jane???s (Katherine Heigl) life as she finally marries a guy she thought she???d never be with, Kevin (James Marsden) in a beautiful beach wedding. And oh yes! She was a bridesmaid 27 times before marriage and so the name of the movie goes. And guess what? All the 27 brides were her bridesmaids on her wedding day!

6. He???s just not that into you

Not That Into You

Everything is perfect in the picture of the cute couple: Beth (Jennifer Aniston) and Neil (Ben Affleck). All except that Neil doesn???t want marriage on the agenda. This becomes an issue in their love life and they end up with Beth taking the decision to have Neil with her even if that implied that she???d have to remain unmarried. But then we do love happy endings don???t we? Neil having realized that he wants nothing more than Beth happy, proposes her and they marry in a ???boat wedding??? attended by close family and friends.

7. Runaway bride


Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) leaves not one or two but four men at the alter and thus fashions herself a befitting name ???the runaway bride???. But she finally marries Ike Graham (Richard Gere) in a simple yet beautiful hilltop wedding. The story conveys that true love finally has its way and that gives us hope!

8. Wedding crashers

wedding planner

What do we think about marriage being an option for guys who live by crashing into weddings and having nightstands with female guests? Definitely not a viable option. But this story is about a case study of the above said: a guy named Jeremy (Vince Vaughn). But not all stories have an unhappy ending. Jerey falls in love with gorgeous Gloria (isla fischer). The ???madly in love with each other??? pair gets married in a wedding that???s just picture perfect.

9. Shrek

shrek wedding

Every girl right from her childhood dreams of meeting her Prince Charming and marrying him. Every man also wants to marry the princess who is in love with him; no matter if he is a human or even an ogre! Princess Fiona and Shrek the ogre is bound by love against all odds and gets married in a homely setting. Their marriage takes place in the swamp land in front of their home amid all their friends (who happen to be animals by the way). The adorable ???green??? couple then sets off for their honeymoon as the guests sing ???I??? a believer??? to liven it up.

10. Love actually

magical movie weddings

The wedding ceremony of Juliet (Kiera Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) in the movie is indeed magical despite Juliet???s choice of the groom. The wedding included exchanging vows in a magnificent church amidst their loved ones. The newly weds who walked down the aisle after being pronounced ???man and wife??? is greeted by a person who sings ??? All You Need is Love???. It doesn???t stop there. Guests spring up here and there playing instruments and this ???wedding surprise gift??? was planned by Peter???s best buddy Mark (Andrew Lincoln) and it so happened that he was also in love with Juliet.

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