Ten Unknown Facts About Batman


Batman is one of the most adored superheroes in America. This character firstly appeared in comics and later became so popular amongst the readers that it even appeared in films, TV shows and in video games as well. The character ???Batman??? is a work of fiction and is created by two different people Bob Kane who was an artist and Bill Finger who was a writer. The character of Batman has undergone many transitions over the years since its formation. Everyone knows one thing or the other about Batman but there is a lot that is still undiscovered by many of people who can be called as ordinary Batman???s fans in comparison to his savvy fans.

Here we are presenting ten interesting and original facts about batman that are not so common among Batman???s fans whether they are readers, players or viewers of batman series.

1. Batman???s First Movie Ever

The casual fans of Batman would probably say ???Batman??? starring Tim Berton in the year 1990 and a few would say ???Batman??? that was made long ago in the year 1966 featuring Adam West. But the exact answer to this is ???Batman, Dracula??? that was directed and produced by Andy Warhol. But the most tragic thing is that only a few people have seen it and all its prints are considered to be long gone.

2. Who has played the Batman???s character the longest?

Over the years character of Batman is played by many big names in Hollywood but the person who has played Batman the longest is Kevin Conroy. He is also referred to as ???voice of Batman??? as he has dubbed for Batman in seven cartoon series, six video games and five animated movies over a period of twelve years and made the character to be real and convincible with his ability to alter his voice according to the character with or without costume.

3. Does Batman use a gun?

In the early editions of Batman comics he surely kept guns and also killed with them when he felt mandatory. But all this ended after he killed two giants. Subsequently this ended up in a no killing rule. There is one other reason behind this that his parents were killed by a gun that is why he not only refuses to use guns but hates them as well.

4. Vehicles used by Batman

Batman used a Bat-plane in the early editions of Batman series but in the later issues he used Bat-mobile. Batman drove around ordinary cars until 1941 when it got its name as Batman mobile but it lacked all its present virtues.

5. The Gotham City

The Gotham city in the Batman series represented the New York city. But the writer wanted to give it a fictional name so that it could have its own world. One day he opened a phone directory and saw ???Gotham-Jewelers???. Thus the city got its name.

6. Bat Symbol

Just like Batman the Bat symbol on his chest has also undergone many transitions. It was in the year 1961 when it appeared for the first time on a yellow ellipse.

7. Inspirations behind Batman

While creating Batman inspirations were taken from the literary characters like Sherlock Homes, The Shadow and Doc Savage and from movies like ???Mask of Zorro??? and ???The Bat Whispers???.

8. Batman TV Series

Hugh Hefner was fond of beautiful ladies and comics. He was so fascinated by comics that he threw so many comics themed parties. In order to celebrate the success of the comics he threw a party in 1965 at the Chicago Playboy club. He had actors dressed like Batman and Robin using goofy lines from the comics. He got a very positive response from the audience that he decided to make a Batman show series.

9. Funny Rumors

In 1954, Dr. Frederic Wertham, a German-American psychiatrist published a book ???Seduction of Innocence???, in it there was a funny account that claimed that Batman and Robin are a depiction of gay couple.

10. Other Interesting Facts

In 1991 Batman???s co-actor, Burt Ward who played Robin published a book entitled ???Burt Ward- My Life in Tights???. The book was universally banned as it was poorly written, published and was full of lies. In it he depicted himself as a hero and Adam West as a loser.

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